It’s rare that we would ever discuss a 2020 prospect on this site as we normally allocate that information towards our middle school affiliate but when that 8th grader is standing out at the high school level already we’re willing to make an exception.  Such is the case with standout guard Jalen Suggs of Minnehaha Academy in Minnesota.

A highly skilled and instinctive 6-0 guard, Suggs has long been regarded as one of the premiere 2020 prospects in not only the Midwest but also the country.  Gifted with handled and an advanced skill package that allows him to score in bunches, Suggs has punished opposing teams at the middle school level with countless high level performances.  Competing with his Team Sizzle program in the GNBA each of the past couple of years, Suggs has been nothing short of sensational if that word even can apply at those young ages.  Regardless, the fact remains that Suggs has been dominant at that level and developed a huge reputation in the process.

Middle school reputations are one thing and for every over hyped young talent that an irresponsible adult attached a number to at the 5th grade level, there are countless others who either don’t take that next step or simply don’t grow and continue to develop physically thereby slowing their high school production.  Things like that are never a matter of the kids not delivering but rather it’s a lot more about the adults failing in placing unreasonable expectations on young kids for no reason other than hype or hits.  Fortunately none of that really applies to Suggs so far as he has already served notice this season that he has big plans at the high school level.  Despite only being in 8th grade the talented young guard is leading Minnehaha Academy in scoring to the tune of almost 17 points a game while helping them to a 14-5 mark so far this season.  Leading the team in scoring, Suggs has also delivered some quality floor production in the form of assists, steals, and rebounds.  

Obviously still developing both physically and skill wise, Suggs has been extremely impressive already at the high school level and he continues to serve notice that he is one of the premiere 2020 prospects in the country at this stage of the game.  With continued hard work and development both physically and skill wise, expect Suggs to see his recruiting trail fill up substantially as he’s a young man with an awful lot of skill and perhaps a high ceiling of potential that’s just starting his ascent nationally.  Time will tell but you can continue to expect to hear a lot about the young guard from Minnesota as he builds upon a stellar 8th grade campaign at the high school level this season.