The annual Generation Next Basketball Association Championships hit the hardwood in Wisconsin this past weekend to close a strong month of action that saw teams from across the Midwest impress on their way to capturing league championships this past weekends.  Teams weren’t the only ones to impress as a number of solid up and coming middle school prospects stood out as well.  Here’s a quick look at ten 8th grader who impressed this past weekend in Wisconsin…

Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order – This is not an exclusive list

Reece Beekman – 2020 – PG – Wisconsin United
Certain prospects continue to improve and others can just stall so to speak at the middle school age and Beekman definitely displayed much of the former throughout the league as he delivered a number of strong performances.  Was extremely impressed with his development and progress over the past 12 months as he played each game with more aggression and confidence and the result were dominant results.  In an age group filled with high caliber young lead guards, Beekman was not only the catalyst for his team winning the GNBA championship but he also stood out in every big match up and proved once again that he will be a legitimate force at the next stage in high school.  Extremely impressive GNBA campaign and this past weekend whether it was creating, defending, scoring, or just plain floor leadership, Beekman was easily one of the best.

Nimari Burnett – 2020 – PG – Mac Irvin Fire
Another of the highly impressive young guards in the league, Burnett has plus length and major game.  He can create and he can score and he does both in dominant fashion while making the game look easy.  His perimeter stroke extends beyond the arc and he can hit the mid-range pull up or attack and finish at the rim in traffic.  Mix in instincts, feel, size, and the ability to deliver a quality pass in rhythm and on time and its easy to see why many already regard Burnett as a potential high major Division 1 prospect at the next level.  He’s legit and only getting better.

Dain Dainja – 2020 – C – Net Gain Sports
Young bigs are always a work in progress and this big strong interior talent continues to take nice steps forward.  This past weekend he attacked the glass, finished around the basket, and brought solid energy and activity to both ends of the court.  Still growing and developing, Dainja is a solid young prospect with upside to play close attention to in the coming years.

Jalen Johnson – 2020 – G – Wisconsin Playground Warriors
One of the top up and coming prospects in the region, Johnson is still growing and still developing.  This past weekend after struggling early he rebounded to deliver some exceptional floor performances and that coincided with his activity and energy elevating on both ends.  He can do so many things well when he’s at his best and that was evident throughout the weekend as he rebounded, created, and scored at all levels while pacing the entire division in the Matrix category which measures all things non-scoring related.  He’s just scratching the surface right now and this past weekend he once again proved why there are some high expectations for him at the high school level and beyond.

Isaac Lindsey – 2020 – G – Wisconsin Swing
A solid impressive young guard with range and feel, Lindsey ripped the nets from long range and he created and made positive things happen.  A solid young leader on the court, Lindsey can control the game delivering passes and he has an excellent stroke and range that extends beyond the arc.  Another of the solid guards who performed at a high level this past weekend.

Terry Lockett – 2020 – PG – Team Sizzle
A solid young floor general on the rise in Minnesota, Lockett stood out in flashes with his ability to create and his ability to score at all levels.  He can attack and finish, he has a decent mid-range pull up, and his jumper extends beyond the arc.  Mix in solid instincts and feel defensively and the ability to take over a game if needed when he’s at his best and it’s easy to see why some are very excited about his prospects in the future.  A quality weekend of work for the young 8th grade standout.

Caleb Love – 2020 – SG – Team Ramey Love
Was extremely impressed with Love’s ability to contribute outside of scoring the basketball this past weekend.  He can score from all three levels but his effort attacking the glass and his improvement in delivering passes and looking to contribute across the court stood out this past weekend.  A solid prospect both physically and skill wise, Love has the potential to fill the box score and lock up defensively if he buys into that and the talented young guard’s best basketball lies ahead.

Shon Robinson – 2020 – F – Mac Irvin Fire
Really like the potential and upside of this long 8th grade prospect.  He’s a potential matchup nightmare in the coming years as he has great size to pair with plus length and improving skill.  He looks like a young John Henson type and while I’m not saying he reaches that level, Robinson can hit the jump shot, block shots, and clean the glass and he’s just getting started.  He can score from all three levels and defensively he has the potential to be a significantly disruptive force at a level that hasn’t come through the Midwest in a while.  Time will tell but at this stage I really like his potential and his upside in high school and beyond.

Jamari Sibley – 2020 – PF – Wisconsin United
Another long wiry up and coming interior talent, Sibley paired with Beekman to form a formidable 1-2 punch that no team could counter in the league.  Where there was Beekman Sibley was right there collecting rebounds and scoring at a high level.  He has athleticism, size, skill around the basket, and solid feel on the defensive end and he’s just getting started.  An extremely impressive weekend for Sibley.

Jalen Suggs – 2020 – G – Team Sizzle
The history of our middle school camps and leagues speaks volumes with the high caliber talents that have come through and Suggs is right there with all of those at this stage.  As a scoring talent he can finish at the rim, he attacks defenders, and he can hit the jumper at the mid-range level and beyond the arc.  He handles the ball well and he utilizes that to attack off the bounce to score or create.  His feel and instincts are significantly advanced at this stage and he pairs that with and advanced skill set and a willingness to do whatever it takes to win.  I could go on and on about Suggs but the truth is he’s easily a top 5-10 prospect in the class nationally and he’s as good a middle school prospect that we’ve had come through anything we’ve done.  Whatever you need he can do and he’s only getting better, it’s as simple as that.