The 12th annual NY2LA Sports Swish N’ Dish Spring Warm-Up tips off this weekend and the development platform is set to host more than 300 teams from across the Midwest.  Regarded as the premier tip off platform to jump start the spring and summer travel season, this year’s Swish N’ Dish will once again play host to many of the premiere programs in the country.  Here’s a quick look at those set to attend this weekend…




17U DIVISION (64 Teams)
Mac Irvin Fire EYBL, Ramey-Jets United AU, Meanstreets Slaughter EYBL, WI Swing Litscher NY2LA, Playground Elite EYBL, Illinois Wolves UAA, Brad Beal Elite EYBL, Martin Brothers NY2LA, All Ohio Red EYBL, Iowa Barnstormers AU, WI Playground Warriors UAA, Kingdom Hoops Elite, WI Shooters NY2LA, Team Harris, Kessel Heat Black NY2LA, Kevon Looney Rebels, Illinois Irish Elite NY2LA, Butler Elite, Quad City Elite NY2LA, SYF Players, Playground Elite NY2LA, Hoops 4 Health, Jets-Ramey United NY2LA, Lexington Future, Mac Irvin Fire NY2LA, All Ohio, WI Blizzard Pronschinske NY2LA, Iowa Mavericks Purple, DTA Devin Harris NY2LA, A2P, Example Sports NY2LA, Indiana Dawgz, All-In Connor NY2LA, Randolph Boys Club, Showtime Hoopers Black, MKE Rebels Elite-Dillon, Capitol City Teamwork, Full Package Walker, Full Package Dmitry, Flight Basketball, IL Gateway, Kingdom Hoops Red, WI Dynasty, Windy City Magic, WI Swish, WI Swing Meinecke, D.A.Y.O.N.E. Basketball, GTBA, Meanstreets Select Mason, Illinois Irish Select, WI Crusaders, Wisconsin Ballers, Champaign Wolverines, Illinois Future, WI Blizzard Chase, Silent Assasins, WI Blizzard Thomas, Kessel Heat Noel, WI Blizzard Hawley, Chicago Raptors, Kessel Heat Maestranzi, DUP Elite, Kessel Heat Mister, Kingdom Hoops Black

16U DIVISION (64 Teams)
Mac Irvin Fire EYBL, Ray Allen Select NY2LA, Meanstreets EYBL, MKE Spartans-Rebels Elite, All Ohio Red EYBL, Eric Gordon All-Stars AU, Playground Elite EYBL, Iowa Barnstormers AU, Brad Beal Elite EYBL, Kingdom Hoops Elite, WI Swing Litscher NY2LA, Illinois Wolves UAA, Butler Elite, Illinois Irish Elite NY2LA, Martin Brothers NY2LA, Net Gain Sports AU, Quad City Elite NY2LA, Chicago Select, All-In Gardner NY2LA, WI Playground Warriors UAA, Kessel Heat Black NY2LA, Randolph Boys Club, Example Sports NY2LA, SYF Players, Real Athletics, Ramey-Jets United UA, WI Shooters NY2LA, ET21 Buckeyes, WI Blizzard NY2LA, Full Package, Miller Factory Elite, WI Swing Bredesen, Iowa Mavericks Purple, Meanstreets Select Mason, WI RAP, Flash, WI Crusaders Elite, Flight Basketball, Ray Allen Select Donaldson, TP Elite, WI Swish, Milwaukee Rebels Holland, D.A.Y.O.N.E. Basketball, All-Ohio Gold, Rockford Elite, Illinois Future Morris, Illinois Speed, WI Crusaders Select, Illinois Future Davis, Illinois Irish Select Gus, WI Triple Threat, MKE Elite, Illinois Legacy, Kingdom Hoops Black, Illinois Warhawks, MKE Rebels-Spartans Tyler, Next Level 24 Elite, Next Generation, IYBA Illinois Heat, Illinois Irish Select Klein, Kingdom Hoops Red, Kessel Heat Pickens, Chicago Storm, Lifezone 360

15U DIVISION (48 Teams)
Mac Irvin Fire EYBL, WI Playground Warriors UAA, Brad Beal Elite EYBL, All In Athletics Williams NY2LA, All Ohio Red EYBL, Illinois Wolves UAA, Meanstreets Anderson EYBL, Ray Allen Select NY2LA, Playground Elite EYBL, Illinois Irish Elite NY2LA, Net Gain Sports AU, Martin Brothers NY2LA, Butler Elite NY2LA, Ramey-Jets United AU, Iowa Barnstormers AU, WI Swing Litscher NY2LA, UAG3 Grind UAA, Wolverines, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Illinois Future, Kessel Heat Black NY2LA, WI RAP Greben, WI Shooters NY2LA, Kingdom Hoops Black, Example Sports NY2LA, WI Playmakers Strege, IL Irish Select NY2LA, Next Generation, Quad City Elite, WI Swing Bredesen, ET21 Buckeyes, WI Blizzard Leland, Team GetShook, Gallo Sports Center, Meanstreets Select Avilla, Kingdom Hoops Red, Full Package, WI RAP Cook, WI Crusaders, Meanstreets Select Mason, IYBA Illinois Heat, Wisconsin Jets, Iowa Mavericks Purple, All In Athletics Chicago, Illinois Speed, Showtime Hoopers Black, Hammond Hurricanes, Irvin Select

14U DIVISION (48 Teams)
Ray Allen Select GNBA, Meanstreets Allison, Mac Irvin Fire GNBA, WI Playground Warriors GNBA, Iowa Barnstormers Gold GNBA, Kessel Heat Black GNBA, Team Ramey GNBA, WI Playmakers Shaw GNBA, Playground Elite Fletcher GNBA, St. Louis Eagles, MKE Spartans-Rebels Elite GNBA, Illinois Irish Elite GNBA, All In Athletics Bull GNBA, Wisconsin Swing GNBA, Martin Brothers Select GNBA, Wisconsin Shooters GNBA, Playground Elite Terrell GNBA, Illinois Future, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Next Level 24 Elite, Butler Elite GNBA, Peoria Warriors, All In Athletics Figueroa GNBA, Wisconsin Treys, Iowa Barnstormers Black GNBA, Meanstreets Buggs, Team Ramey Black GNBA, I-Hustle, Indy Heat United, All In Athletics Rogers, ET21 Buckeyes, St. Louis Blazers, Game Time, SCE, Illinois Jaguars, Kingdom Hoops Red, Team 1 Tyus, Meanstreets Madrid, Meanstreets Gill, Next Generation, Team Rose, Kingdom Hoops Black, Meanstreets Bates, Lakeshore Force, Minnesota Heat, WI Playmakers King, IYBA Illinois Heat, Wisconsin RAP

13U DIVISION (24 Teams)
WI Shooters GNBA, Meanstreets Curtis, Iowa Barnstormers GNBA, Playground Elite GNBA, Net Gain Sports GNBA, WI Scholars GNBA, Ray Allen Select GNBA, Illinois Irish Elite GNBA, Kingdom Hoops Elite, WI Swish, Team 1 Tyus, Kingdom Hoops Red, ET21 Buckeyes, 920 Elite, MN Spartans Elite, South Cook Jaguars, BTC Trojans, Illinois Irish Select, Meanstreets Select Brown, WI Focus, IYBA Illinois Heat, Swish, Meanstreets Buggs, WI Blizzard Putzer

12U DIVISION (24 Teams)
Net Gain Sports GNBA, Iowa Barnstormers Gold GNBA, Playground Elite Bolden GNBA, Illinois Irish Elite GNBA, Team Ramey GNBA, Iowa Barnstormers Black GNBA, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Meanstreets Griffin, Indiana Elite Orange, Missouri Elite, Playground Elite Bradley, Kingdom Hoops Red, Team 1 Tyus, No Limit, Wisconsin Shooters, SCE, Milwaukee Spartans-Rebels Elite, MN Top Dawgs, Meanstreets Select Gilbert, WI Blizzard Corbin, MN Spartans Elite, Bulls Premier, WI Blizzard Vandewettering, Midwest Hoopers

11U DIVISION (18 Teams)
WI Blizzard Norgaard, First Step, Team GetShook, Mac Irvin Fire, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Wisconsin Shooters, Meanstreets Eaves, Iowa Barnstormers, Playground Elite Keys, Martin Brothers Select, Meanstreets Smith, MN Spartans Elite Bilal, Team 1 Tyus, Ray Allen Select, Kingdom Hoops Red, Butler Elite, MN Spartans Elite Williams, WI Focus Blue

10U DIVISION (16 Teams)
Kingdom Hoops Elite, MN Spartans Elite, Meanstreets McLoyd, WI Shooters, Mac Irvin Fire, WI Playmakers, Ray Allen Select, First Step, Illinois Central Elite, Milwaukee Spartans-Rebels Elite, Playground Elite, Meanstreets Select Thomas, Game Time, Kingdom Hoops Red, Butler Elite, Hoopers

9U DIVISION (8 Teams)
First Step, Kingdom Hoops Elite, Wisconsin Shooters, Mac Irvin Fire, Meanstreets Mister, Milwaukee Spartans-Rebels Elite, MN Spartans Elite, Illinois Speed