Session 2 of NY2LA Sports GNBA came to a close last weekend. In the final tune up before the championships at the end of the month, a number of players had us watching closely in Waukegan. One of those was David Joplin of Ray Allen Select, who is trending towards being an instant impact freshman next season in the state of Wisconsin…

Vincent Brady – G – UA G3 Grind

Brady was a big part of his team’s offensive and defensive efforts last weekend. Brady is a dynamic combo guard with a good feel for the game. He has terrific vision and a knack for getting into the teeth of the defense and making the right play with the basketball. Brady doesn’t make the game harder than it has to be. He works for the best shot available and doesn’t settle offensively. Brady also got after it defensively and turned steals and hustle plays into instant offense on the other end. 

Scotty Ebube – 8th Grade – PF – Kessel Heat Black
Kessel Heat Black trounced the Milwaukee Rebels-Spartans Saturday morning and Ebube was dominant on both ends. The 6-foot-6 incoming freshman is a good looking athlete and that’s physically much more advanced than most. Ebube showed some skills on the block and as a mid-range slasher. When he’s stepping out and hitting jumpers, Ebube becomes very difficult to defend. On the defensive end, Ebube controlled the paint by blocking and altering shots and limited the opposition’s second chance opportunities. Away from the ball, Ebube set solid, hard screens that sprung shooters loose, leading to a blowout win.

Michael Foster – 8th Grade – F/C – Milwaukee Rebels-Spartans
Perhaps the No. 1 prospect in the 8th grade division, Foster is very impressive. A 6-foot-7 forward that runs like a deer, Foster has a lot you just can’t teach. As you might expect, Foster is an excellent shot blocker and rebounder. While his athleticism is often superior to everyone on the floor, he doesn’t just rely on that. Foster can step out and shoot the ball a bit and also handle it in transition. He’s got some skills on the block, but is still developing that part of his game. An instant impact freshman next season, the Milwaukee native is going to be very intriguing to watch in the coming years.  

Ryan Grimmet – 7th Grade – SG – St. Louis Clippers
Grimmet was a defensive stud in Waukegan. The 5-foot-7 guard was picking pockets like nobody’s business as he put games away early with a number of steals and finishes. Picking people up the length of the floor, there were times when Grimmet would simply not allow his opponent to cross half court. Despite making a ton of plays, Grimmet was unselfish and passed on a lot of good shots in favor of great ones as the Clippers cruised to some lopsided victories. 

Zach Howell – 7th Grade – G/F – Yanders Law Blue
A skilled, dangerous offensive player, Howell is a threat from all over the floor. The 5-foot-10 wing is a tough matchup because he can shoot from anywhere at a high level and interchange within the offensive system. Howell has the ability to create his own shot or run off screens and catch and shoot on the go. He was active in a variety of other areas, attacking the glass, playing the passing lanes, and playing strong interior defense as well. 

David Joplin – F – 8th Grade - Ray Allen Select
Perhaps the biggest breakout performer of the weekend, Joplin set the tone with a number of blocks and athletic finishes. Already 6-foot-4, Joplin has exciting length and leaping ability that make him a high upside prospect to keep tabs on. A kid that works hard on the interior, Joplin consistently established good post position and made life easy on his teammates to set him up. Joplin has terrific hands to catch in traffic. He can also handle the ball up the floor and slash from the high post. Joplin was a major mismatch weapon in a loss to All-In Athletics, proving to be too athletic for post players and too big for the wings. 

Ethan Kizer – 6th Grade – C – Illinois Irish
Kizer is an imposing presence in the paint, but also looks much more polished away from the rim this year. Kizer had a couple of instances where he was able to go coast-to-coast in transition or attack from the high post. Already 6-foot-0 with some plus-length, Kizer runs the floor very well for his size. Defensively, Kizer does an outstanding job of playing vertical. He challenged a number of shots successfully without fouling. When blocking shots, his times his opponent very well, not leaving the ground until the shooter is airborne. Kizer also played up in the 7th grade division and did some nice things on Sunday as well. 

Ben Nau – 8th Grade – PG – Ray Allen Select
Nau plays the game a lot like his older brother, Cole Nau. A player with a terrific feel and controls so many elements on the floor, Nau finished with 14 points in a win over Team Ramey. Much like his brother, Nau is a better athlete than he looks. Nau plays the game at a very fast pace and can process and make decisions easily in comfortable situations. Putting a ton of pressure on the defense, Nau has a quick first step and explodes right off the defender’s hip. He draws a lot of attention and a lot of fouls throughout 32 minutes. 

Anthony Sayles – 8th Grade – SG - All-In Athletics
Sayles was arguably the top performer in all age groups throughout Session 2. Each time out, Sayles was owning the floor and changing the game on both ends of the court. Sayles plays the passing lanes very well and uses his length to anticipate and pick off passes at a high rate. From there, the 6-foot-2 guard just glides to the rim using an impressive blend of speed and strength. The transition play and unselfish demeanor on the floor make Sayles a big weapon for All-In. Most impressively, Sayles took over time and time again late in games. As the defenders started to swarm him, all that did was raise the game of Sayles, who finished in traffic and against contact. His weekend was highlighted by a 36-point effort on Saturday. 

J.J. Ware – 6th Grade – F – Net Gain Sports
A prospect with a lot of promise, Ware is a long, athletic forward with a high motor. A 6-foot-1 post, Ware was very aggressive around the rim and powered his way to some tough finishes over the weekend. He can play on the block and the high post effectively. Ware also showed promise as a passer in the high-low game, dumping down nice passes to the opposite post. On the offensive glass, Ware fought for and converted a number of second chance opportunities. Defensively, Ware moves his feet exceptionally well for his size and was difficult to score over on the interior. 

Quincy Wiseman – 8th Grade – G/F – Iowa Barnstormers
Wiesman has an all-around offensive game and the ability to finish tough shots around the rim. In a strong weekend for the Barnstormers, Wiesman just made it look easy at times. When he gets into the paint, it’s already over as Wiesman opts to pull up with ease from mid-range or get all the way to the bucket. Wiesman also has a great feel in transition and constantly puts pressure on the defense. A talented two-way player, Wiesman does his job on the defensive end of the floor as well and takes pride in keeping his man out of the scorebook. 

Foster Wonders – 8th Grade – F – Wisconsin Playground Warriors
Wonders is a really nice prospect with a lot of tools offensively. He’s got a smooth stroke with deep range beyond the arc. Wonders can take people off the dribble and get all the way to the rack or pull-up from mid-range. His floor IQ is very high as Wonders finds numerous ways to beat his defender. Wonders should develop into a strong three-level scorer and already standing 6-foot-4, is going to be a big problem for opposing teams. A player with few holes in his game, Wonders also rebounds and distributes at a high level. This all-around player will make noise in the state of Michigan immediately next season. 

Andrew Alia – 7th Grade – G – Ray Allen Select

A tough guard that handles pressure well, Alia was a consistent creator and floor general during Session 2. Alia had his team up early, creating off the dribble and getting into the teeth of the defense where he became a playmaker. Alia has good quickness and burst off the bounce and takes contact well. As games got closer to the finish line, Alia seemed to get better. Alia was doing everything in his power to will Ray Allen Select down the stretch in close games. 

Chase Bonder – 7th Grade – F – Kessel Heat
Versatility and skill are a big part of Bonder’s game. The 6-foot-0 forward is a matchup problem with his ability to take people off the dribble and his vision with the basketball. Bonder made some impressive passes, threading the needle that led to scores. He’s able to grab rebounds and go coast-to-coast or break down defenders from the perimeter. In traffic, Bonder had some impressive spins and pivots en route to numerous impressive finishes around the rim in Waukegan. 

Grant Flory – 8th Grade – PF – Wisconsin Playground Warriors 
Flory was a beast throughout Session 2. A skilled forward with athleticism and strength, Flory was too much to handle inside. Flory owned the glass on both ends of the floor and manhandled his way to some second chance finishes. Flory’s versatility makes him difficult to guard as he’s a big mismatch problem for opposing bigs. Once he got to the rim, Flory punished defenders with his strong frame and finished exceptionally well through contact. 

Greg Galloway – 7th Grade – PF – Playground Elite
Galloway showcased some solid footwork and finishing skills over the weekend. The 6-foot post prospect moves well for his size and frame. Galloway has a high post IQ and sets himself up to be successful by sealing and pinning defenders. Galloway has great hands and made some tough catches in traffic. He’s also versatile enough defensively to switch on the pick n’ roll and cover the perimeter and forced guards to take tough shots or give up scoring opportunities. 

Jake Hamilton – 6th Grade – G – Springfield Predators
Hamilton was one of the most consistent scorers in Session 2. As always, Hamilton was a reliable shooter that gets to his spots and creates a lot of rhythm looks for himself. Besides being a scorer, Hamilton does the little things well too. He’s a willing rebounder and facilitator. Offensively, Hamilton has the ability to finish in traffic and convert some tough looks around the rim. A smooth jump shooter as well, Hamilton has a unique, do-it-yourself-kit that allows him to control that end of the floor. 

Ashton Janowski – 7th Grade - SG – Wisconsin Shooters
Janowski led the Wisconsin Shooters to a comeback win on Saturday. He put together a big second half along the way. The sweet-shooting guard was hitting some tough 3-pointers off the dribble, including a ridiculous step-back triple. A fancy open floor passer, Janowski fooled the defense with a few no-look and behind the back dimes. Helping his team shake off a slow start, Janowski sparked the Shooters to a big second half run. 

Donald McHenry – 8th Grade – G – Playground Elite Fletcher
McHenry dropped 25 points in a win over Team Ramey on Saturday. A quick, skilled floor general, McHenry has an electric first step and an array of moves with the basketball. The lefty has a very smooth dribble drive game and has mastered the art of the floater over the top of the defense. With defenders having to respect his speed, McHenry counters with the deep ball. A game changer in the press, McHenry gets after it and rattles ball handlers into making mistakes. 

Kaeden Osterman – 7th Grade – SG – Ray Allen Select
Osterman was clutch on Sunday. The ball was in Osterman’s hands late and he delivered for Ray Allen Select. Osterman connected on the game-winning 3-pointer from the corner to lift his team past the Illinois Irish. Following a defensive stop, Osterman then sealed the game from the free throw line with two cold blooded foul shots. A dynamic shooter, Osterman was able to create a ton of space off the dribble with his smooth handles during Session 2.  

Kimarhi Wilson – 8th Grade – G – Kessel Heat Black
Wilson helped Kessel Heat Black look dominant in Session 2. A two-way guard, Wilson was really good defensively and collected a number of steals. Wilson consistently broke down the defense in the half court and in transition and lived at the rim. Wilson’s feel for the game and court vision was terrific. Always keeping his head up on the dribble and able to navigate through traffic, Wilson set up his teammates well on Saturday. 

Jamauri Winfrey – 7th Grade – F – Illinois Irish Elite
Winfrey is a physical player that brings it on both ends of the floor. He set the tone immediately with a few blocked shots and wouldn’t allow opposing post players to back him down on the block. Winfrey was active in a variety of ways and made things happen. Able to push the ball up the floor, Winfrey delivered some nice passes ahead to open teammates. A good blend of finesse and power, Winfrey can give him team a lot each time out. 

Mac Wrecke – F - 6th Grade – Ray Allen Select
Wrecke has some impressive athleticism and versatility. The 5-foot-8 forward can already play near and above the rim. Wrecke is a versatile prospect who spends time between the post and the wing. He’s good at putting the ball on the deck and has a soft touch from inside the paint. Wrecke had a big bucket late that helped Ray Allen Select survive a close game against Team Ramey as well.