The 2017 Generation Next Basketball Championships are set to tip off this weekend (i.e. May 26-28, 2017) in Wisconsin as over 70 middle school teams from across the Midwest are set to college for league supremacy in the fourth year of the annual middle school developmental platform.  Games will tip off Friday at Homestead High School in Mequon, Wisconsin and they'll run throughout the weekend with championships being decided on Sunday afternoon.  The following are the teams set to compete this weekend...


Ray Allen Select, Team Ramey, Kessel Heat Black, Martin Brothers Select, SYF Players, Milwaukee Spartans-Rebels Elite, Wisconsin Playmakers, UA G3 Grind, All In Athletics Bull, Butler Elite, Wisconsin Swing, Playground Elite Terrell, Yanders Law Blue, Iowa Barnstormers Black, Playground Elite Fletcher, Net Gain Sports, Illinois Irish Elite, Wisconsin Shooters, Quad City Elite, Team Ramey Black, Wisconsin Blizzard, Iowa Barnstormers Gold, Illinois Speed, Wisconsin Playground Warriors, All In Athletics Figueroa, Yanders Law White, DTA, Mercury Elite

Wisconsin Shooters, All In Athletics, Yanders Law Blue, Made Men, Wisconsin Playmakers, Quad City Elite, Illinois Speed Blue, Kessel Heat Black, Ray Allen Select, Wisconsin Scholars, Mac Irvin Fire, Iowa Barnstormers, Playground Elite, Illinois Attack, Yanders Law White, Net Gain Sports, St. Louis Clippers, Illinois Irish Elite, Wisconsin Blizzard, Illinois Speed White

Ray Allen Select, Iowa Barnstormers Gold, All In Athletics, Illinois Irish Elite, Springfield Predators, Playground Elite Bradley, Net Gain Sports, Made Men, Team Ramey, Playground Elite Bolden, Kessel Heat Black, Illinois Attack

All In Athletics, Wisconsin Blizzard, Ray Allen Select, Team GetShook, Illinois Speed Blue, Playground Elite Keys, Butler Elite, Illinois Speed White

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