The Generation Next Basketball Top 40 Camp tipped off this past weekend in Wisconsin as a host of talented late middle school years prospects hit the hardwood for a day of instruction, development, and exposure against some of the best the Midwest has to offer.  We start our recap with a look at the lead guard position where a number of hungry young floor general and combo guards stood out on Saturday…

Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order

Trey Baker – 2021 – PG – Vernon Hills, Illinois
A skilled and instinctive young floor general, Baker brings lots of intangibles to the hardwood and he pairs that with skill, handles, vision, etc.  His left handed perimeter stroke can be automatic at times and the range extends out to beyond the arc.  He hustles, he’s in the middle of 50/50 balls, and he makes quality plays with the ball in terms of distributing it and scoring it.  One of those extension of the coach type players, Baker generally makes the right decision and the right play in the critical spot.  Defensively he’s active and instinctive.  A solid all around floor contributor, Baker delivered a quality effort on Saturday.

Antonio Brookshire – 2021 – G – Springfield, Missouri
Arguably the best lead guard prospect in the gym Saturday, Brookshire has major game in terms of his skill and instinct.  Still developing the feel of the position in key spots, Brookshire can score in bunches and he’s both quick and efficient in terms of what he does and the energy level with which he does it.  A very smooth young guard with a decent handle whose range extends beyond the arc effectively and consistently.  He can score at the mid-range level off the bounce and he attacks the rim as well and finishes through traffic.  Defensively he has solid instincts and he can create positive chaos jumping the passing lanes and using his hands.  Still developing, he’s at a very good level right now and he’s just getting started.  Brookshire was named the top floor general at the camp on Saturday.

Elijah Bull – 2021 – PG – Morton Grove, Illinois
A tough physical ultra-quick guard with skill, Bull struggled at times Saturday getting into the flow.  When assertive and engaged the talented young floor general showed flashes of his ability with best performance coming in the final game.  He can attack off the bounce, he has quick hands, nice feet, and the ability to create or score from the perimeter.  Defensively he has the potential to be a solid on the ball defender as well.  An advanced young talent skill wise and physically, Bull should develop into a quality prospect at the high school level.

Kobe Johnson – 2021 – PG – Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
A young floor general with some raw tools both physically and skill wise, Kobe as active in flashes and his production matched those flashes.  He has solid instincts defensively and the potential to be a nice contributor on that side of the ball.  Offensively he has range, he can handle the ball, etc. but he needs to put that all together more consistently to reach his potential.  He’s still not done growing and his best basketball is in front of him.  With hard work and continued development physically and skill wise, look for Kobe to open eyes with each passing year at the high school level.

Ben Nau – 2021 – PG – Brookfield, Wisconsin
Nau took on the Alpha role for the National Championship 14U Ray Allen Select team all year long and he showed that once again on Saturday as he captured Co-MVP honors with an exceptional overall performances.  Nau is skilled, instinctive, tough, etc. and he plays assertively and with swagger on both ends.  He wants to take the big shot and he makes the big shot with consistency.  His vision is solid, his ball handling solid, and his overall playmaking has continued to develop.  He’s further along than Riley LaChance and Matt Thomas were at the same stage of their development and that says something because both were already very talented prospects.  Nau makes plays and he can play up tempo, half court, etc.  Overall he controls the flow of the game when he’s on the floor and his activity and aggressiveness offensively is fun to watch when he’s got his jumper going.  

Tanner Resch – 2021 – G – Sussex, Wisconsin
A developing combo guard who can slide between the lead guard and the off guard position, Resch has a perimeter stroke that extends beyond the arc and can rip the nets in bunches when he has it going.  For him to reach his potential the young guard will need to continue to bring high court awareness and quality intangibles to the hardwood game in and game out.  When active and aggressive he makes plays, he’s involved in 50/50 balls, he competes, and he contributes on both ends of the court.  Still developing across the board, Resch’s best basketball lies ahead and with a little more grown and development physically and skill wise he should have a solid high school career.

Jordan Rice – 2021 – PG – Rock Island, Illinois
A smaller quick lead guard with instincts and skill, Rice handles the ball well, he can break down opposing guards, and he has a takeover mentality offensively that he utilizes to score at every level.  Still one extra dribble too much occasionally in terms of his playmaking, Rice sees the floor and can deliver timely passes when looking to do so.  Defensively he’s active in the passing lanes and he has decent feet so there is some nice on the ball defensive potential there.  In terms of a finished product Rice is far from such and his best years are in front of him.  There is a lot of clay here to mold into a high caliber floor general and if he can continue to grow and develop physically, skill wise, and decision making Rice will be a high caliber impact player at the high school level.

Kellen Thames – 2022 – PG – Florissant, Missouri
One of the few young talents in the gym Saturday, Thames was impressive in flashes as he competed with talented and bigger guards old than him.  Personally I really like his potential as he handles the ball well, he sees the floor, and he can knock down the mid-range jumper and the perimeter shot beyond the arc.  He has nice feet defensively, his instincts are there, and his overall physical tools help him long term as there is athleticism and quickness there to make things happen.  He’s still young and developing but given the pedigree, the instincts, and the current skill Thames looks and feels the part of a high caliber prospect on the rise down in Missouri.  One to watch very closely.

Seth Trimble – 2022 – PG – Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Already a two sport standout with excellent instincts and great footwork, Trimble took lots of positive steps forward on Saturday and by the end of the day he was making big plays and assertive quality decisions down the stretch when it mattered the most.  He has a solid perimeter stroke mechanics wise and his range is solid as well.  Instinctively he’s more of an old school guard as he loves the dribble drive off the bounce, he is comfortable with the mid-range jumper, and he can create off the dribble.  The talented young floor general doesn’t just live on the perimeter, he makes things happen inside the arc and he’s comfortable doing so.  He has excellent feet and hands making for a high caliber defender on the ball and off the ball potentially in the coming years.  Really like his overall game right now and his ceiling for the future is very high as he develops physically and skill wise.  He was named the top Future Floor General at the camp and his play down the stretch helped his team capture the camp championship.  

Elijah Williams – 2021 – PG – Minneapolis, Minnesota
An aggressive athletic active guard who hustles for everything and is involved in everything on both ends of the court.  He handles the ball, attacks the rim off the bounce, is active defensively, and loves to push the tempo on both ends.  Williams captured the Mr. Hustle aware at the camp after a day of activity and aggressiveness that would make any coach proud.  A solid floor leader potentially, Williams uses his quickness and athleticism to create positive chaos on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  As he grows and matures physically look for him to make a substantial amount of noise in Minnesota as he’s definitely a quality young floor general to keep close tabs on in the coming years.