A fresh and brand new chapter in the NY2LA Sports development platforms debuted this past weekend with the 2017 Generation Next Basketball Top 40 Camp as a host of late middle school talents took to the court for a day full of instruction, skills, competition, development, and exposure.  When the final whistle blew a number of the campers has impressed but more importantly improved throughout the day to the delight of the coaches in the gym.  Here’s a recap of the off guards and their performances on Saturday in Wisconsin…


Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order

Steven Clay – 2022 – G/F – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
A long wiry and talented young wing who can slide between the 2 and the 3 spot, Clay has a very high ceiling for a young prospect.  He excels at slashing to the rim and finishing in transition but his ability to knock down the jumper is improving.  Still far from a finished product physically, Clay has plus length to pair with a long wiry frame and his potential to become a versatile matchup problem and lock down defender is there if it all comes together.  He showed flashes of his potential going up against kids a bit older than him and as he his confidence, activity, and aggressiveness elevated so did his play.

Chianti Clay Jr. – 2021 – G – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In the big picture of things Clay slides over the lead guard position eventually as is will allow him to reach his full potential.  He’s instinctually aggressive and he has a perimeter stroke that extends beyond the arc effectively.  As with most young guards decision making, shot selection, and the timing of passes is critical and with Clay he took some really solid steps forward from earlier in the day to the back end with all three of those critical areas and the end result was some quality play down the stretch of a close game that helped his team to victory.  Still developing both physically and skill wise, he has a knack for making a big play when it matters and his overall impact at the high school level will be solid provided he continues to grow and develop both physically and skill wise.

Michael Duax – 2021 – SG – Dubuque, Iowa
A classic blue collar gritty do it all type wing who is the middle of all 50/50 balls and does whatever it takes to win.  He brings a little bit of everything to the table on both ends and the intangibles and effort is always at a high impact level when he’s on the court.  His range extends beyond the arc, he can finish in transition, he scores a little off the bounce, and he can matchup with multiple positions defensively.  He plays hard and he’s an extension of the coach in terms of his max effort approach and willingness to do all the little things to help the team win.  Skill wise he’s still progressing but there is a lot of clay to mold into a quality prospect so as he develops physically and skill wise look for him to round into a quality prospect at the high school level. 

Conor Enright – 2021 – SG – Mundelein, Illinois
Another talented prospect who makes plays and plays hard, Enright has a quality perimeter stroke, he sees the floor well, and he makes quality decisions with the basketball.  He can hit the mid-range jumper, he has range beyond the arc, he can score in transition, and he brings lots of intangibles to the table with his effort.  A quality polished young guard skill wise, Enright knowns how to play and does so in efficient fashion with high level results when he’s at his best.  Defensively he is versatile and can matchup with both guards, he’s active, and he creates positive chaos.  Really like his overall floor impact and with a little more grown and continued development physically, Enright should be a high impact talent at the high school level.

Jonathon Glenn – 2021 – SG – Indianapolis, Indiana
An aggressive wing who looks to score, Glenn can finish at every level but does still need to continue to develop his overall shot selection long term to reach his most efficient and dominant level.  That being said he has a solid perimeter stroke, he scores in transition, he can finish off the bounce through contact, and he is very active on that end of the floor.  Defensively his length, strength, and overall activity is excellent and that allows him to create positive chaos both on and off the ball.  Named the top defender at the camp on Saturday, Glenn made a lot of plays on that end of the court off of pure desire and effort and it was impressive to watch.  A bit of a “sleeper” at this stage, I continue to like what I see from him and with a few more inches he could really blossom into a high caliber talent in high school with the potential to do some nice things afterwards as well.

Zach Howell – 2022 – SG – Ozark, Missouri
A skilled young wing who makes solid decisions and is efficient with his shot selection and decisions, Howell was impressive on Saturday with both his skill level and his instinctive decision making.  He has a nice perimeter stroke and his range extends beyond the arc but he’s not afraid to attack the rim off the bounce or in transition either.  Physically he still needs to develop his lower half both laterally and vertically to take that next step and as a young guard he has plenty of time to do so.  A solid polished young wing skill wise, Howell has a bright future with hard work and continued development.

Eric Price – 2021 – SG – Galesburg, Illinois
A max effort blue collar 50/50 ball wing, Price is a tough physical matchup problem for opposing wings as he can power past them and finish at the rim, or he can step back and rip the nets.  Early in the camp he played against his strengths but then he found his groove and his impact, efficiency, and scoring ability was impressive during the afternoon.  One of those players that just makes the team better when he’s on the floor, Price can take over a game offensively and when his shot selection is on point and his activity is as well, Price really fills the box score and is a versatile matchup nightmare for opposing guards because of his strength and skill set.  

Jakobe Thompson – 2021 – SG – Racine, Wisconsin
A young scoring wing who can take over the game in flashes, Thompson is still developing his handles and overall floor game but he has the ability to score at every level quickly and often when he’s at his best.  His range extends beyond the arc, he has a solid mid-range pull up, and he attacks the rim off the bounce with effectiveness as well.  The key for him is simply to just keep developing all areas of his game and continuing to be as active as he can on both ends because the versatile and high caliber floor impact game is there for him if he wants it.  Really like his potential long term with continued growth and development.

Jimmy Ware – 2021 – SG – Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
A long wing talent with solid instincts and fell, Ware can score at each level but he’s still developing his skill set so his best basketball lies ahead.  He finishes in transition, he’s shown flashes of scoring off the bounce, and his range can extend beyond the arc.  Defensively he has some nice instincts and length so his overall potential to really get after it on that end is there if he desires to do so.  He has a nice feel for the ball off the glass and he puts himself in a nice position to collect a lot of rebounds and be impactful in that regard.  He’s raw in some areas, which is good as there is a lot of room to grow and improve long term and he should continue to do so.  Look for him to quietly develop year after year and by the back end of his high school you can expect him to really make a nice impact and open a lot of eyes.  A solid talent to keep tabs on.

Jaden Winfield – 2021 – SG – St. Louis, Missouri
Really like what he brought to the table game in and game out this past weekend as he showed a lot of versatility and instinct while making a solid impact on both ends.  He’s a slasher in the truest sense of the word but he has a nice perimeter stroke that rips the nets at each level.  He can score in transition, he attacks the glass, he’s a solid athlete, he has nice quickness, etc.  While all of this is still at the going into 9th grade level, Winfield was extremely impressive in a variety of ways and he’s a floor impact guy who makes plays.  Defensively his athleticism, quickness, and instincts make for an intriguingly versatile defender big picture wise so look for him to do a lot of damage on that end as well.  Really like his ceiling and overall big picture potential long term with hard work.