Earlier this month we opened the doors for 40 top late middle school prospects for a day of hard work, skill work, and development.  With some of the top up and coming young prospects in the Midwest on the hardwood, it gave us a good chance to closely look at many and breakdown strengths and weaknesses as they prepare to take the next step in their development.  Here’s a look at some of the post prospects that were in attendance during the day…

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Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order

Chase Courbat – 2021 – Cedar Falls, Iowa
A long lean interior prospects with a solid fundamental skill set, Courbat has excellent upside and potential and he’s far from a finished product.  He runs the floor well, is active around the basket, can finish with either hand, and he showed an ability to score with his back to the basket with decent footwork and a solid jump hook for a young big.  He has plus length and he’s raw physically in terms of his lateral movement, strength, and vertical explosion so there’s a high ceiling there to grow into.  He has instincts, feel, length, and is active defensively when he’s in position.  Really like his overall upside and he looks and feels the part of a potential high major big with hard work moving forward.  

Dylan Fuzak – 2021 – Geneva, Illinois
A skilled young big with solid feel at the mid-range level and beyond the basket, Fuzak is still growing so where he ends up position wise will be determined by his size.  As a young post he is active, plays hard, can finish around the basket and has the ability to step out and knock down the jumper.  Physically he’s still developing in terms of his quickness, athleticism, and explosion so there is a lot of room to continue to improve long term.  Big picture wise look for him to bloom at the high school level that last couple years and if he can add the 4-5 inches as expected he will generate a lot of Division 1 looks when it’s all said and done.

Daine Hanson – 2021 – Arlington Heights, Illinois
A raw developing big with strength, instincts, and feel, Hanson can finish around the basket and out to 10 feet with some level of consistency.  He’s better facing the basket and attacking the rim and his activity on both ends is intriguing.  His physical tools have taken quality steps forward this past year and if he continues to trend in that direction he has a nice ceiling and some quality upside.  Like his toughness, effort, desire, and ability to be involved in everything on both ends.  Long term expect him to take quality steps forward at the high school level with his best basketball coming as a late bloomer in his junior and senior years.  A definite prospect to watch closely in the coming years.

Dylan Johnson – 2021 – Peosta, Iowa
A strong blue collar active big who has no problem playing in the paint on both ends.  He’s willing to mix it up around the basket, he attacks the glass well, and he has the ability to finish in the paint with either hand.  Really like his instincts, feel, and desire to play physically and be active around the basket.  Long term with continued growth and development across the board he could be a real problem for opposing teams.  A potential high caliber sleeper if his size matches him ability and desire long term.

Gavin McGrath – 2021 – West Salem, Wisconsin
A long lean raw big who made a lot of plays and opened a lot of eyes in impressive fashion.  He can finish around the basket and he has a back to the basket game that is developing in impressive fashion.  McGrath also showed an ability to face the basket and finish as well.  Defensively he was active in contesting shots, blocking shots, collecting rebounds, and serving as a force on that end.  In terms of the overall package McGrath has a lot of positives and his ceiling and upside is highly intriguing to say the least.  Look for him to generate a lot of buzz as he continues to develop at the high school level.

Adam O’Dell – 2021 – Granger, Indiana
A tough blue collar interior prospect, O’Dell is one of those willing to do anything types and he’s impressive in how he’s willing to do it.  He competes on both ends, he’s active, he’s strong so he can play physical on both ends, and he can finish with both hands.  Equipped with decent athleticism and length, O’Dell brings a lot of potential to the court in that he can finish in transition, score on the blocks, face up and attack the rim, etc.  He’s still developing across the board but he’s coachable, gives a max effort, and he can deliver solid double numbers with consistency.  A bit of an undersized big if he stays the same height, if he can add a few more inches he’s going to be a real problem for teams and a real asset for whatever team he plays for and whatever college he plays at.  Like his potential with hard work.

Nolan Rieder – 2021 – Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
A raw big with size, length, and instincts, Rieder was exceptional throughout the day as he finished in transition, scored around the basket on occasion, and consistently faced up to knock down the 15 foot jumper from different places on the court.  Far from a finished product, Rieder really impressed as he made key plays, collected rebounds, and made things happen at key points during the games.  His effort was there in drill work and games and he showed an ability to listen, learn, and improve in a short period of time.  He’s a sleeper in the truest sense of the word right now but he’s a legitimate prospect in the same sense as he best basketball lies in front of him.  With additional growth and continued development he could end up into a highly tracked prospect by the back end of high school.  Like his upside.

Max Wedding – 2021 – Quincy, Illinois
A solid developing big with the skill to finish around the basket, Wedding is just starting to put his game together and that evident as he showed flashes of quality potential throughout the day.  He has some nice size but looks like he’s still got some growing to do which is very intriguing considering how tall he is right now.  He can finish with either hand around the basket, he has decent feel, he sees the floor well, and he competes.  He will be a late blooming prospect like most young bigs.  If he can grow a big more and continue to develop his other physical tools and skill set he has a chance to really open a lot of eyes in high school.  One to watch.

Adam Weir – 2021 – Pontiac, Illinois
A big wide bodied interior prospect with solid footwork, the desire to play physical on both ends, and decent skill to finish around the basket and out to 10-12 feet.  In terms of his height he will need to grow more to stay in the paint long term but at this stage it’s his position and he plays hard and delivers.  A floor impact guy who rebounds, scores, and brings a lot of intangibles to the court, Weir has really nice instincts and feel and that combined with his skill and footwork give him some solid potential long term if he grows and develops physically and skill wise.

Foster Wonders – 2021 – Iron Mountain, Michigan
Another skilled blue collar forward who competes and delivers solid floor impact numbers when he’s on the floor.  He can score in transition, around the basket, with his back to the basket, and facing up.  His perimeter stroke extends beyond the arc and he can also put the ball on the basket and score off the dribble.  Arguably the most advanced big skill wise on this list, Wonders is a double machine who brings intangibles, effort, and versatility to the position.  If he grows more he’s going to be a major problem at the high school level and a matchup problem for opposing bigs.  Really like his toughness, grit, and desire at this stage.  One to watch closely.