Each fall the dawn of a new era in high school basketball takes its first steps down the halls of whatever high school they are attending.  With each step forward towards the futures comes another step away from the past where middle school excellence is left behind with dreams of achieving much of the same or more at the high school level.  The 2021 class in Wisconsin is no exception as a handful of highly talented freshmen are looking to secure their place at the table of high school achievements in the coming years.  Here’s a quick look at four fabulous young talents to know in that regard…

Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order

Patrick Baldwin Jr. – 2021 – SF – Sussex Hamilton High School
The son of the current UW-Milwaukee Head Coach, Patrick is an excellent young skilled talent who blends court awareness with advanced skill and size to form a very intriguing young prospect.  He can score from beyond the arc, finish in transition, and he’s overall ceiling is extremely high and he’s just getting started.  Already topping 6’7”, Baldwin is a high major Division 1 caliber prospect who should be an immediate impact talent at the high school level after excelling in the middle school landscape down in Illinois the past few years.

Michael Foster – 2021 – F – Milwaukee Washington High School
When it comes to incoming 9th graders, Foster could very well be the most talented we’ve seen to date physically at this stage.  Equipped with a 6-9 plus frame, athleticism, strength, and agility, Foster can be a dominant force on both ends of the court.  At his best he’s virtually unstoppable and he may very well be the best freshman in the country.  At his worst he’s a high caliber high major Division 1 prospect with a tremendously high ceiling that’s just scratching the surface.  His perimeter stroke is exceptional and his range extends well beyond the arc, add the athleticism to soar and poke out and the timing to block shots and disrupt things defensively and it’s easy to see why Foster is already getting attending from the likes of Georgia Tech, Purdue, UNLV, LSU, etc. 

David Joplin – 2021 – F – Brookfield Central High School
Another skilled forward with a high ceiling, Joplin helped his team capture the 14U National Championship this past summer to add yet another piece to an already impressive young resume on the hardwood.  He has plus length, size, versatility, skill, and the ability to take over the game when he’s at his best as he can score from each level, dominate the glass, etc.  The key for Joplin is always his activity as he is virtually unstoppable at this stage when he is filling the lanes and taking on the alpha role during the flow of the game.  A high ceiling prospect with exceptional potential, Joplin is a legitimate Division 1 talent who should be a huge factor the next four years in Wisconsin at the high school level.

Ben Nau – 2021 – PG – Brookfield Central High School
Certain prospects just have leadership and toughness and this young floor general has that and more already.  A combination of Zack Showalter, Riley LaChance, and Matt Thomas all in one, Nau loves the movement and he embraces it at this early stage of the game.  He brings tremendous effort and leadership to the court for a young guard and he blends that with a desire to win and an ability to put the team on his back if needed creatively or scoring wise.  He paired with Joplin and a few others this summer in capturing the National Championship at the 14U level.  Make no mistake this young lead guard is a tough blue collar advanced skilled Division 1 caliber talent should make a strong impact the next four years in Wisconsin high school basketball.