We continue our look at the 2017 installment of the NY2LA Sports Futures Camp which again hosted one of the premiere exposure camps in the country this fall.  Up and down the classes talent hit the hardwood and the wing or small forward position was no exception.  Here’s a look at ten that stood out earlier this month in Illinois…

Note – Not listed in any particular order – Not an exclusive list

Patrick Baldwin Jr., 6’7, 175, 2021, G/F, Menomonee Falls (WI)
Terrific size for a wing player his age. Has strong, athletic frame and the game of a wing player. Can handle the ball on the perimeter, shoots the 3, has a nice pull-up game off the bounce and threw down dunks in transition.  Looks like a kid with a ton of long-term potential. He was named the Co-MVP for his age group.
Bryant Brown, 6’5, 180, 2019, G/F, Waukegan (IL)
A talented developing wing with the ability to score at multiple levels and contribute across the board, Brown showed flashes of his upside and potential with a solid day’s work at the camp earlier this month.  His range extends beyond the arc but he’s at his best in transition and off the bounce and his ability to matchup defensively at multiple positions is an asset as well.  A talented prospect to keep close tabs on moving forward.

Carter Gilmore, 6’6, 195, 2020, G/F, Arrowhead High (WI)
A scrappy player who can do a bit of everything, Gilmore played well Saturday against guards and forwards alike. He started off hot from deep, and eventually brought his defenders in the paint and scored around the basket. Gilmore finished near the rim a handful of times and was all over the offensive glass, putting back several missed chances by his teammates. His style of play helped his team spread the floor open for his teammates to play their game as well. 

Delaware Hale, 6’6, 185, F, 2020, Sun Prairie (WI)
A type of player that improves his team when he’s on the floor, Hale is a smart forward who finishes well in traffic and makes good decisions on the run and in the air. Hale plays fast in his position and has a good paint presence. Hales’ best quality on offense is his ability to trail guards when they drive and clean up on the boards on both ends of the court. He isn’t as strong as some forwards he played against, but has guard-like ball handling down low is what will separate him moving forward. Hale’s impressive work ethic payed off Saturday as he won the Hustle award.
Colin Golson Jr., 6’4, 205, F, 2020, East English, Detroit (MI)
A solid scorer that likes to use his shoulder to create space, Golson Jr. is a good two-way player that burns defenders with his pull up jumper. He can attack on the run and is strong all the way to the basket. He is good for a quick 2-points with a signature step-back fade from the free throw line. He’s also a tough defender with good instincts that can get a hand on the ball when opponents drive on him. Golson played forward for most of his games, but he did venture out past his comfort zone to run the offense on a few occasions. 

Solomon Gustafson, 6’6, 220, F, 2020, Rock Island (IL)
A tough blue collar big who is hard to move on defense, Gustafson is aware of his size and knows how to use it to create space for easy buckets a few feet from the basket. A young post, Gustafson thrives, and he can shake off a defender with a quick move for a short bucket off the glass. Physically he is still developing in terms of his skills outside the paint. Working on his perimeter game will help him down the line.
Marcus Skeete, 6’4, 190, F, 2020, Wawbousie Valley Aurora (IL)
An active player that shows a lot of potential, Skeete had a productive Saturday with positive contributions across the board. Skeete got going Saturday with a few 3-pointers to start, and made several crucial stops on defense. He is good at getting to the basket and can score with a hand in his face. He is a very smart player who doesn’t force plays to happen.

Emanuel Miller, 6’7, 200, SF, 2019, La Lumiere (IN)
A high energy multi-skilled talent with the ability to impact the game across the board, Miller fills the box score and does so while brings max effort and high impact athleticism to both ends of the court.  He runs the floor hard, attacks the glass, defends, and can score from multiple levels.  A high major impact talent, Miller grabbed Mr. Intangibles/Mr. Hustle honors at the camp with a scintillating performance that landed him among the best in overall floor impact on the day.

James Kelley, 6’4, 175, G/F, 2019, SJNW Military Academy (WI)
A talented and ultra-skilled wing with athleticism and feel, Kelley is one of the best kept secrets in the 2019 class for the state of Wisconsin.  He can contribute in a variety of ways with a highly efficient game that includes mid-range ability, scoring around the basket, finishing skills in transition, etc.  His instincts on the glass are solid and he can contribute across the board without the basketball.  One to watch in the coming months.  

Carrington McCaskill, 6’7, 205, F, 2019, Detroit Rennaisance (MI)
A highly athletic explosive athletic forward with the ability to impact the game on pure athleticism and bounce alone, McCaskill is a fill the box score wing whose skill set is far from finished at this stage.  His ceiling is very high because he has plus length and crazy bounce and he combines that with the instincts to put himself in a position to make plays on both ends.  He rebounds well, can finish in transition, can score on put backs and around the glass and his range can extend out occasionally.  An excellent prospect in terms of potential, McCaskill is just scratching the surface of his potential right now.