The annual NY2LA Sports Futures Camp took to the hardwood in Illinois earlier this month as talented 2019-2021 prospects showed up looking to impress the regional and national scouts in attendance at the 2017 installment of one of the top fall exposure platforms in the country.  As the ball stopped bouncing a talented group of 2021 kids shined bright while the same could be said of the 2019 and 2020 classes respectively.  Here’s a look at my top 20 prospects from the camp…

1 – Michael Foster – 2021 – F – Milwaukee, WI - 6'9"
A long athletic and skilled young prospect, Foster is a potential high major impact talent with top 3 national potential for his class long term.  He runs the floor, can handle the ball, has range beyond the arc, can elevate in transition, and he fills the box score with effort and desire on both ends.  For lack of a better term he’s a blue blood type talent with a tremendous upside.  At this stage he should be a consensus top 5 national prospect on any board with any type of credibility for the class.

2 – Patrick Baldwin Jr. – 2021 – SF – Menomonee Falls, WI - 6'7"
Another highly skilled wing with a smooth overall floor game and an excellent feel for the game on all levels.  A coach’s son, Baldwin can make the game look too easy at times as his range extends beyond the arc and he can attack off the bounce and finish on occasion.  Mix in plus length and quality physical tools beyond that and the son of the current UWM Head Coach is a matchup nightmare for opposing teams and players.  At the present time he’s currently just scratching the surface on an enormously high ceiling big picture wise.  Currently he's a no brainer top 10 national prospect on any board with any type of credibility for the class.

3 – Adam Miller – 2020 – PG – Chicago, IL - 6'3" 
Another high major impact talent who could be one of the next big things out of the city of Chicago, Miller has size, length, athleticism, skill, instincts, and excellent potential.  He handles it well, he can attack and finish off the bounce, his range is both at the mid-range level and beyond the arc, etc.  Equipped with physical tools, advanced skill, and a natural swagger on the hardwood, Miller is a top 15-25 national talent for his class and he’s just scratching the surface of his potential, which is elite in both a regional and national regard.  

4 – Anton Brookshire – 2021 – PG – Springfield, MO - 6'0"
For those who don’t know they will and for those who do they’ll eventually have enough on this young man’s resume in terms of production to confirm it but the reality is this young man has major game.  A highly skilled guard who can slide between the 1 and the 2, Brookshire makes the game look very easy at times as he strokes his jumper from multiple levels or finishes at the rim with floaters, Euro-steps, or just basic layups.  He sees the floor well and he can deliver timely passes, although at times he will take the one extra unnecessary dribble while sizing up the defense.  He has the ability to take over the game and score in bunches quickly and efficiently and defensively he has excellent feet and hands making for a potential lock down defender on that end.  Another high major impact talent on the rise, Brookshire is a top 25 national prospect in his class at the current stage and he’s only getting started.

5 – Desi Carton – 2019 – PG – Davenport, IA - 6'3"
A soaring prospect both regionally and nationally, Carton is a tough athletic guard with handles, bounce, and advanced skill.  His range extends beyond the arc and he can finish at multiple levels with dribble drive penetration, mid-range pull ups, and a jumper that extends beyond the arc off the bounce or the catch.  Defensively he makes plays on the ball and off the bounce and he has the physical tools to be exceptional on that end as well.  Looking for a comparison think a bigger more athletic and stronger Jalen Brunson type.

6 – Chris Hodges – 2021 – F/C – Schaumburg, IL - 6'8"
A big strong interior prospect who drips with potential long term, Hodges was exceptional throughout the 2017 NY2LA Sports Futures Camp.  In a class that featured arguably two top 5 caliber prospects nationally, Hodges was more than up to the task as he powered in baskets, finished at the mid-range level, and cleaned the glass on both ends with high level rebounding production.  A highly efficient dominant and powerful young post prospect, Hodges has a chance to be something very nice long term if he can add a few more inches to his frame.  The more he’s on the court the better your team is, it’s that simple.  Another potential elite national prospect on the rise who looks and feels the part of a high major impact prospect potentially with continued growth and development.  

7 – Harlond Beverly – 2019 – SG – Farmington, MI - 6'5"
A smooth athletic wing with an easy fluid game, Beverly can score quickly and in bunches and he has the ability to do so from every level on the court.  His jumper is solid, his ability to slash through defenses is solid, and his transition finishing ability to nice as well.  Overall physically he has bounce and a long frame that he pairs with size to make for a matchup problem for other guards.  At his best Beverly is an active, efficient, versatile talent who can fill the box score and take over the game offensively.  Already holding a number of mid and high major offers, Beverly continues to trend upward quickly and he is another prospect whose recruiting trail will be full of schools by the end of next summer.

8 – Charles Smith – 2019 – SG – Houston, TX - 6'5"
A plus length uber athletic wing with the ability to soar in transition and deliver some highlight caliber finishes, Smith is another talented prospect who’s just scratching the surface.  He can finish in transition, he can score off the bounce, and he can finish from the perimeter with a developing jumper.  His instincts on the glass are solid and given his size, length, quickness, and athleticism his defensive potential is there as well.  His best basketball lies ahead as he’s just starting to feel and assume his place on the court.  Look for Smith to become a very hot commodity on the recruiting trail by next spring and summer and you can expect a number of big name high major programs to be in hot pursuit.

9 – Emanuel Miller – 2019 – SF – La Porte, IN - 6'7" 
A high energy fill the box score lead by example type, Miller is an athletic wing who makes an impact in terms of both his effort and overall ability to contributing in multiple ways.  He can slash off the bounce, he can hit the mid-range jumper, and he finishes in transition with consistency.  A quality athlete with power, Miller brings a variety of intangibles to the hardwood as he can defend, he is involved in 50/50 balls, and he attacks the glass dominantly.  He has the ability to defend multiple positions and play multiple positions and that versatility combined with his physical tools make him a highly intriguing 2019 prospect on the rise nationally.

10 – Jalen Thomas – 2019 – F/C – Newborn, MI - 6'10"
A tall plus length interior prospect with a raw skill package, Thomas is just starting to come together as a prospect and his best years lie ahead.  He can finish around the basket, he can score at times with his back to the basket, and his size and length make him an intriguing defensively prospect potentially.  He uses both hands when finishing and he’s yet to develop a go to move on the blocks or a counter thereto so there’s a lot of room for him to grow and continue to improve moving forward.  Still developing, there’s a lot to like about Thomas short term and long term and if he can be active with a high level of consistency that potential will be reached as he develops physically and skill wise in the coming years.  Look for mid and high major programs to jump on his recruiting trail heavily over the next 8-12 months.  

11 – Jamari Sibley – 2020 – F – Milwaukee, WI - 6'9"
A long wiry athletic forward whose ceiling will tie closely to the energy and activity he brings to the floor, Sibley can make the game look easy at times while finishing in transition and controlling the glass.  Think Marcus Camby at the high school level and you have a solid comparison to Sibley.  He’s got some athleticism, he has plus length, and his ability to score in transition and finish with put backs and high energy finishes is what makes him intriguing.  Defensively he could be an absolute nightmare for opposing teams as he gets stronger and asserts himself more as he has nice timing and an ability to alter and block shots consistently.  He has the unique ability to contribute in the open court and in half court sets and blend his game into the flow of whatever game is being played in dominant fashion.  Still raw skill wise, Sibley is another who should see his recruiting trail filled with mid and high major schools long term as he improves and develops in the coming years.

12 – Kaleim Taylor – 2020 – PG – Milwaukee, WI - 6'1"
A talented prospect on the rise in Wisconsin who brings a little bit of everything to the court right now.  Off the dribble he can score in traffic, he hits the mid-range jumper, he rips the nets from long range, and he can utilize that dribble drive ability to create easy opportunities for his teammates.  He sees the floor well, he delivers timely passes on occasion, and on the glass he makes an impact on both ends.  I really like his overall efficiency when he plays as he does a lot across the board with minimal mistakes.  His consistency is solid and his ability to impact the game both offensively and defensively is pound for pound as good as it gets in the class regionally.  Physically he’s a solid athlete with nice tools with bounce and quickness.  He’s a legitimate mid to high major Division 1 prospect who is arguably the best kept secret in the Midwest right now.  This young man can play.

13 – Treyton Thompson – 2021 – F – Glenwood, MN - 6'7"
A long wiry skilled forward who is just starting to emerge on the scene, Thompson brings a lot of matchup problems to the table for opposing teams as his size and ability to stretch the floor make him a highly intriguing mid to high major Division 1 prospect long term.  He can face up and hit the trey ball, he can score around the basket, he has a decent mid-range jumper, and he sees the floor well and can pass the ball with effectiveness.  Physically he needs to get stronger, quicker, more explosive, etc. but skill wise he’s advanced and really just scratching the surface on what he brings to the table.  Look for him to make big strides regionally and nationally as he grows and improves in the coming years.

14 – Lorne Bowman – 2020 – PG – Pontiac, MI - 6'1" 
One of the breakout performers on the day, Bowman was very impressive across the board.  He handles the ball, creates, delivers timely passes, can score off the bounce, and has range that extends beyond the arc.  He has excellent physical tools for a young guard, he has a nice feel on the defensive side of the court, etc.  An attack first type guard with savvy and swagger, Bowman makes all the plays and he does so in both dominant and efficient fashion.  At this point this camp is a small sample size but there’s an awful lot to like about this young floor general as a prospect and long term he looks like a legitimate mid to possible high major floor general on the rise in Michigan.  Really impressive performance earlier this month.

15 – Isaac Lindsey – 2020 – PG – Mineral Point, WI - 6'3"
A sharpshooting perimeter talent with size, instincts, and skill, Lindsey can be a lights out talent at times who brings to mind past in-state standouts like Matt Thomas, Riley LaChance, Brady Ellingson, etc.  Still developing, Lindsey has a textbook perimeter stroke that is money when he’s in the zone.  Not just a one trick type talent, Lindsey handles the ball, he sees the floor, and he brings leadership, playmaking, and advanced feel to the game as well.  For him to take the next step his lower half quickness and explosion will need to improve but overall there’s a lot to like about this young prospect and much like the rest of the younger ones on this list, he’s just scratching the surface of his potential.  Already holding Division 1 offers, Lindsey should progress to courting a large number of mid and possible high major programs long term as he continues to develop and improve.

16 – Nobal Days – 2019 – PF – Racine, WI - 6'9"
A long lean high character interior prospect with the ability to contribute in a variety of ways.  Already holding a number of mid and high major offers, Days brings relative consistency to the court whenever he takes it.  He sees the floor well and is an excellent passing big man, which might be his best asset and has been for some time.  What he also brings is the ability to finish around the basket and an ability to face up and hit the mid-range jumper or even the trey ball on occasion.  He cleans the glass on both ends, he makes good decisions, he brings a high IQ to the court, and overall he can blend in multiple systems and deliver with the intangibles he brings to the court.  One thing he is for certain is a high character young man that will be a positive on and off the court at any college in the country.  

17 – Bryant Brown – 2019 – G/F – Waukegan, IL - 6'5"
A talented prospect who sat out a substantial amount of the spring and summer with injury so he lost a bit of the momentum he had been building up.  Now healthy, Brown could become a really nice story the next 8-12 months as he continues to develop.  A legitimate Division 1 prospect, I think the level is yet to be determined and it will come down to the activity, energy, and consistency with which he plays with.  His skill set has always been solid along with his footwork and he can finish from every level on the court.  On the perimeter his range extends beyond the arc but he will need to continue to improve on all of his perimeter tools to continue to trend in the direction of his potential.  He’s a multi-dimensional talent with the versatility to play different positions on the floor both offensively and defensively.  

18 – Xzavier Jones – 2019 – G – West Allis, WI - 6'7"
A plus length high athletic wing looking to transition to the lead guard position right now, Jones again showed his open court abilities in Illinois.  Already holding Division 1 offers and collecting Division 1 attention, Jones’s athleticism and length make him an interesting prospect on multiple fronts.  He can slash off the bounce, soar in transition, and he can hit the perimeter shot as well.  To take the next step as a prospect his ball handling needs to improve and his perimeter shot needs to improve in terms of consistency and range.  400-500 jump shots a day at game speed 5-6x a week along with 30 minutes of ball handling work would take Jones from his current level to potential top 75 status nationally.  A really nice young man who’s always been one of the most polite and respectful character kids to come up through our platforms, Jones’s best basketball lies ahead of him and with the right focus he could take tremendous strides forward over the next 8-12 months, regardless of the position he plays.  

19 – Ilyaas Harris – 2021 – PG – St. Louis, MO - 5'8"
As a talent evaluator any scout who tells you they have all the answers is lying and I’ll be the first to tell you that one of the hardest prospects to evaluate at the early ages are smaller guard.  That’s just keeping it real.  What’s also keeping it real is this 5’8” lead guard has game and major toughness.  He has an excellent perimeter stroke, the ability to change direction and pace with his dribble, and he’s ultra-quick and plays with swagger and confidence.  At times he looked like the best player on the floor when he was ripping the nets from long range or simply creating positive chaos with his passing, defense, or rebounding ability.  He brings great energy and effort to the floor and he combines that with quickness, skill, and a lights out perimeter jumper that rips the nets consistency and efficiently.  At this stage he looks like a legitimate Division 1 talent who could elevate up the levels as he develops and improve.  The key to him beyond the typical skill and physical tools will be if he can continue to play with the heart, desire, effort, activity, efficiency, and confidence game in game out that he played with in Illinois earlier this month.

20 – Delaware Hale – 2020 – SF – Sun Prairie, WI - 6'6"
One of those quietly emerging types who month after month just keeps getting better and better, Hale brings a little bit of everything to the table on both ends of the court.  He can finish at multiple levels, he hits the boards well, he can defend, and he’s highly versatile and impactful at multiple positions.  The reality of Hale is he’s just getting started as a prospect and as time moves on he will continue to open eye after eye regionally and possibly nationally.  His size, plus length, and athleticism are assets and he combines that with floor impact, an ability to defend, and multiple intangibles that coaches love to have and coaches hate to play against.  He’s a Division 1 prospect right now who slides into either the mid or high major level long term depending on how he develops skill wise over the next 18-24 months.  Him being young for his age and having an extra year to develop gave him the nod over a handful of 2019's (McCaskill, Cole, Cison, etc.) who could've landed at this spot.  His best basketball lies ahead.

Others considered for this list – (2019) Giovanni Miles (MI), Carrington McCaskill (MI), Perry Cowan Jr. (IL), Darryl Brooks (WI), Dylan Peeters (IL), JR Cison (IL), Kennon Cole (IL), Jordan Wendt (WI), James Kelley (WI), David Skogman (WI) – (2020) Isaiah Rivera (IL), Desmond Polk (WI), Darrius Hannah (WI), Devon House (IL), Davis Walker (IL), Solomon Gustafson (IL), Carter Gilmore (WI) – (2021) Cameron Palesse (WI), Trey Baker (IL), Ben Nau (WI), Gavin McGrath (WI), Conor Enright (IL), Luka Balac (IN), Nolan Reider (WI), Bryce Hopkins (IL)