The annual Generation Next Basketball Association platform tipped off this past weekend with Session 1 in Wisconsin and once again some high level young prospects delivered quality performances in the opening weekend.  Here’s a quick look at some that stood out in the 7th and 8th grade divisions on Saturday in the Badger state…

Note – Note listed in any particular order

Kam Craft – 2022 (Mac Irvin Fire 14u)
- Craft has been one of the most consistent outside shooters I have watched his weekend.  The young forward is already 6-3 and very long which helps him defensively because he knows how to use his length to his advantage.  Craft hit four threes and had a game high 20 points in Mac Irvin's win over Quad City Elite

Zach Howell – 2022 (Yanders Law 14u) - Howell was putting his talents on full display Saturday as he was putting together high-level performances all day.  Howell is a great shooter, a strong finisher, and has a very smart basketball IQ already.  Howell had one of the most impressive performances of the day scoring 21 points on 5 threes in Yanders Law win over shooters.

Leon Bond Jr – 2022 (WI Shooters 14u) - A very long and athletic prospect who knows how to use his size and strength to his full advantage.  The 6-3 forward is at his best when he is in the paint and finishing around the rim.  Bond was crashing the boards hard and aggressively every possession making him one of the best rebounders I watched on Saturday.  Bond finished with 12 points in a tough loss to Yanders Law in Saturdays night cap.

Chrishon McCray – 2022 (EG10 14u) - McCray is one of the most creative and skilled point guards in the GNBA.  The young prospect has a great handle with the ball, very creative cross overs, and is an excellent passer.  Scoring wise McCray has showed that he can score from all three levels as he has put on high level scoring performances all weekend long.  McCray finished with 5 made threes in his game high 26-point performance against REACH Legends.

Keshon Singleton – 2023 (IL Predators Elite 13u) - Singleton is a very good passer who is always looking for his open teammates.  The young guard always has his head up in transition and is making the right decision when the ball is in his hands.  Singleton showed that he can take control and score if his team needs him too.  He scored a game high 17 points in the Predators big win over Cream City Chosen.

Greg Galloway – 2022 (Wisconsin Phenoms 14u) - Galloway is a very strong player who uses his strength to finish around the basket.  Galloway is also able to stretch the floor and make the defense adjust because he has shown that he can hit deep threes with consistency.  Being such a high motor max effort player that gives 100% on every defensive possession gives Galloway a ton of opportunities to steal the ball and get easy transition buckets.  Galloway finished with a game high 20 points in Wisconsin Phenoms win over Martin Bros.

Jamauri Winfrey – 2022 (Illinois Irish 14u) - Winfrey is still a very raw prospect with a ton of upside but the young talented forward has been putting on great performances all weekend long.  The 6-1 forward is very long and athletic and he knows how to use that to his advantage on both ends of the floor.  Winfrey is very active on the glass and takes pride in his rebounding which is sometimes rare at this level.  Winfrey finished with a game high 15 points in Illinois Irish's win over All In Athletics.

Hunter Deyo – 2022 (Team Ramey 14u) - One of the strongest players in the whole GNBA has been a force in the paint all weekend long.  Deyo knows how to use his strength to his full advantage as he is always the first player to box out once the ball is in the air.  Deyo can finish around the basket and because of how strong he already is defenders usually just try and foul him to prevent him from getting easy buckets.  The 6-3 forward is a work horse with a ton of upside.

Kywren Thorpes - 2022 (Yanders Law 14u) - Thorpes has some of the highest upside out of any player I got the opportunity to watch.  An extremely long 6-2 forward that is a very fluid athlete makes some eye-opening plays when he gets going.  Thorpes excels in attacking the rim because he can finish at such a high rate even through contact.  He is great at drawing contact and getting to the foul line where he has been consistent at all weekend long.  Thropes finished with 12 points in Yanders Law win over Wisconsin Shooters.

Katino Brown – 2023 (Playground Elite Bradley 13u) - Brown is a scoring wing that knows how to pick a part defenses with his ability to score in a variety of different ways.  He has a very high motor and is always hustling for every 50/50 ball.  Defensively Brown was guarding multiple positions and causing turnovers all weekend long.

David Freedman – 2022 (Kessel Heat 14u)
- Freedman had solid performances throughout Saturday and was making sure his presence was felt in the paint.  The 6-1 forward was cleaning the glass well on both ends of the floor and kicking it out to his teammates for fast breaks or good second chance shots.  Freedman was scoring around the basket using his soft touch.

Hassan Kamara – 2022 (Team GetShook 14u) - One of the more athletic players in the whole GNBA was on full display Saturday.  Kamara is a max effort type player that has a motor that never stops running.  Cleaning the glass, blocking shots, causing turnovers, and any other little thing that makes coaches happy Kamara was doing.

Dino Cook Jr – 2023 (Playground Elite Bradley 13u) - Cook wasn’t scoring at a high rate but he was still one of the more productive players on the court.  He has a high motor and was going hard after every rebound.  He was altering shots using his height and length and blocking them at a high rate too.  Nothing was being given easy to his opponents as he was making them work hard in the paint to even get a shot attempt up.  Cook is a player that we will be watching closely as he is just scratching the surface of his very high ceiling.

Zach Cleveland – 2022 (Illinois Irish 14u) - Cleveland is a long and strong scoring forward who has a very nice outside shooting stroke.  The 6-4 forward can score from all three levels but might be at his best when he is creating off the bounce and setting himself up for nice shots.  Cleveland can guard multiple positions and was making it difficult for his opponents because he knows how to use his length to his advantage.

Jasiah Tullock – 2022 (St. Louis Clippers 14u) - Tullock is a max effort player that coaches love to have on their team.  The 6-1 forward finds creative ways to score using crossovers and nice moves around the rim.  He hit a pair of threes in the game we watched Saturday afternoon too.  Defensively he was all over the place diving on the floor and making sure he was getting 50-50 balls.  Tullock is a player that has potential to make a lot of noise in the GNBA when it's all said and done.