Opening night of session 2 we saw many young prospects continue to grow and develop their respective games.  With some of the best middle school teams from the Midwest coming from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, and Michigan we saw many different players put on solid performances.  Here are some of the top young prospects that stood out to me Friday Night.

Donald Ferguson – 2022 (Team GetShook 14u)
- Ferguson continues his high level of play and shows why he is considered one of the top floor generals in the GNBA.  He has a great feel for the game and helps elevate his teammate’s level of play with his great leadership skills and passing abilities.  He has proven that he can score from all three levels and was doing so in fashion in both of GetShook’s games opening night.  

Prentice Young – 2023 (WI Phenoms 13u) - The young forward is very long and athletic for his age making it very difficult for his opponents to match up with him.  He can score from all over the floor and was doing just that in his 15-point performance in the Phenoms win over Martin Bros.  Young can defend every position on the floor and loves to pick his opponents up for the full length of the floor.  He is a young prospect that we will watch closely as he continues to develop into a promising young prospect.

Kam Craft – 2022 (Mac Irvin Fire 14u) - In session 1 of the NY2LA GNBA league Craft proved that he is one of the most consistent three-point shooters and Friday night was no different as he was lighting it up from well beyond the arc.  Already standing at 6-3 Craft has no problem rising up and shooting over his defenders.  He showed creativity around the rim as he was finishing through contact and getting multiple and1s.  Craft finished with a game high 18 points in Mac Irvin’s win over Team GetShook.

Zach Howell – 2022 (Yanders Law 14u) - Howell had the most impressive performance of the night as he dropped a game high 28 points in Yanders Law big win over Quad City Elite.  After a strong performance playing up an age level in Dallas at the Lone Star Invitational Level Howell proved that he is a prospect to pay close attention to as he continues to develop.  Howell can score from all over the floor and was doing so Friday night as he was picking and choosing where he wanted to go on the floor.  He can shoot the three-ball at a high level, knock down midrange jumpers, and finish around the rim as good as anyone in the GNBA.  Defensively he has a motor that never stops which allows him to get many steals that usually turn into easy transitional buckets.

Jeff Brazziel – 2022 (Ray Allen Select 14u) - Brazziel was very impressive in Ray Allen Selects win over WI Blizzard.  He was scoring off the bounce, shooting off the catch, and finishing above the rim.  He is very hard to match up against at this level because of the combination of his size, length, and athletic ability.  When Brazziel puts it all together he will be a prospect that will force people to watch him closely.  The rising 2022 forward finished with a game high 21 points in Ray Allen's 56-40 win over WI Blizzard.

Seth Trimble – 2022 (WI Phenoms 13u) - Trimble played very well Friday night and was a key piece to the Phenoms win over Team Ramey.  Trimble showed off his good handles, passing ability, and was able to find different creative ways to score.  He has great leadership skills and is one of the top floor generals in the GNBA. 

Jasiah Tullock – 2022 (St. Louis Clippers 14u) - Tullock had a very good session 1 performance and Friday night was no different.  His high motor allows him to score hustle buckets that other players wouldn't be able to get.  He has good handles and can blow by defenders with crossovers at a very high rate.  He is all over the floor diving for loose balls, deflecting passes, and blocking shots.  Tullock finished with 11 points in St. Louis Clippers win over the REACH Legends.