The future of basketball throughout the country always lies at the middle school as every glass exiting the high school ranks means another one enters.  Here’s a quick look at five up and coming young middle school prospects to track closely as they’re already generating some nice early interest at the middle school level…

Note – Listed in alphabetical order

Kyrii Britton – 2024 – G/F – Illinois
A talented young middle school prodigy with versatility, handles, instincts, and an ability to score at multiple levels and finish with either hand.  Obviously just starting his development, Britton is a talented young prospect who is already showing flashes of high level impact ability in the future.

Ethan Kizer – 2023 – F/C – Illinois
A multi-skilled up and coming forward, Kizer has nice athleticism and he combines that with size, instincts, feel, and skill to form a solid young prospect.  If he continues to grow and develop both physically and skill wise Kizer will be a high caliber impact talent at the high school level and he should see his recruiting trail fill up in the process.

Randy McClendon – 2024 – G/F – Minnesota
A tough skilled talent who can finish at multiple levels, McClendon has the ability to impact the game on both ends and he can score in bunches.  He has slashing ability, he can score off the bounce, and he has range that extends beyond the arc.  Instinctive, athletic, and quick, McClendon is one to watch closely moving forward.

Gus Yelden – 2023 – F/C – Wisconsin
A potential high major impact type prospect given his size, length, and projection upward.  A talented up and coming big who has the ability to finish at multiple levels, Yelden is far from a finished product and he’s already shown a dominant ability to finish at multiple levels.  Still growing and developing physically, Yelden is a massive up and coming prospect who has blue chip potential when it’s all said and done.  

Prentice Young – 2023 – G/F – Wisconsin
A versatile slashing young guard who brings to mind a middle school version of former Milwaukee Buck standout Paul Pressey, Young has plus length, solid finishing ability around the basket, decent handles, an ability to score off the bounce, and solid defensive upside and potential.  He’s athletic and really just scratching the surface of his potential.  One to watch closely moving forward.