Day 2 of the opening session of the 2019 Generation Next Basketball Association saw a loaded 6th grade division make their debut while some of the top 7th and 8th grade teams involved asserted their status in the league.  Here’s a look at some that stood out on the 2nd day of action in Wisconsin…

Gus Yalden - 2023 (WI Phenoms) - The Wisconsin Phenoms 14U team improved to 3 wins and no losses on Saturday. Gus Yalden, a 6 foot 4 forward for the Phenoms was a big reason for the undefeated record. Yalden has very good size and a solid frame which makes him very challenging to match up against on the perimeter as well as in the paint. He is able to step out and shoot from behind the arc as well as mix it up inside the lane. Yalden’s best game of the weekend was on Saturday night where he recorded 16 points in a 57-20 victory. Yalden uses his body very well to score inside and to rebound the ball. Yalden will be a player to watch very closely as he continues to develop this spring.  

Treshawn Jones - 2023 (Ray Allen Select) - Treshawn Jones, a 6 foot 1 forward, is one of the hardest working players that has played in the GNBA. Jones is always hustling and maximizing his effort. His team has been able to feed off of his energy to earn a 3-0 record heading into Sunday. Jones showed an incredible upside based off of his play on Saturday, scoring 15 points against Yanders Law. Jones is able to use his athletic ability to rebound the ball very well and get to the hoop at will. He is able to create turnovers and block shots on defense which leads to easy baskets for his team. Jones will continue to improve and succeed due to his hustle and effort. 

Caden Kirkman - 2023 (Quad City Elite Orange) - Quad City Elite Orange has the luxury of having many players who know their roles and play them well. Caden Kirkman is no exception. Kirkman is usually the tallest player on the floor at 6 foot 4 and uses his body and length to his advantage. Kirkman has shown great footwork along with his post skills which has proved to be a problem in the paint for the opposition. Kirkman scored 12 points on Saturday night in a 56-31 victory over Gain Elite on just 8 shots. Kirkman has shown his ability to rebound the ball and finish through contact. Kirkman has been challenging his opponents to match his strength and height inside of the lane all weekend long. Kirkman is a very smart player who helps his team in many ways. 

Mac Wrecke - 2023 (Ray Allen Select) - Mac Wrecke made a strong case for being one of the top players in the GNBA by his play on Saturday. Ray Allen Select improved to 3-0 on Saturday and the success of this team can be linked to Mac Wrecke. Wrecke is a rebounding machine, standing at 6 foot 5 inches. He is a unique player who can grab a rebound and take it the length of the floor for a basket. Wrecke was very impressive in the post and his athletic ability made him a mismatch for every team he played. Wrecke is aware of his strengths and his size along with his frame make him an interesting prospect to watch this spring. 

DJ Golden - 2024 (WI Phenoms)
- Wisconsin Phenoms 13U team was able to pick up 2 victories on Saturday at the GNBA. DJ Golden was able to use his athleticism and explosion to get into the lane to cause problems for both Illinois Central Elite and Quad City Elite Orange. Golden is a very strong ball handler and his vision is second to none. His ability to attack the rim off of dribble penetration to find the open man helps his team have success whenever he is on the floor. Golden also showed he was able to score the ball in a variety of ways Saturday night when he hit 2 shots from behind the arc which contributed to 18 much needed points in a 5 point team victory. 

Michael McNabb - 2024 (Chapman Basketball Black) - Michael McNabb is a very smooth lefty guard who was able to find success on Saturday at the GNBA. McNabb scored 31 combined points in 2 victories. McNabb showed that he is able to handle the ball and create for his teammates while scoring. Being able to get to the rim along with court awareness have proven to be Mcnabb’s strongest qualities as a player. He has been a consistent scorer and he has shown an ability to score in a variety of ways. McNabb has tremendous upside and will be a challenge for opponents to check defensively throughout the GNBA season. 

Elizah Mimis - 2024 (Team Takeover) - Being on a team with Nas Beamon may cause some people to overlook Elizah Mimis of Team Takeover. Mimis may not be very flashy but he is very consistent. Mimis makes Team Takeover a matchup nightmare due to his ability to shoot the ball and finish around the rim. In a victory against the WI Swing, Mimis scored 22 points followed by a 14 point performance against Man Up. Mimis has loads of potential and his effort makes him a very exciting player to watch. 

Jarvis McNeal - 2024 (Team Ten Jabari Parker) - Team Ten Jabari Parker had many great performances on Saturday at the GNBA but one player who stood out was Jarvis McNeal. McNeal is a 5 foot 5 guard who has great court awareness and vision. Team Ten looks to get up and down the floor to get easy baskets in transition, which is all started by McNeal. The ability to push the ball in transition and find his teammates was a major reason why Team Ten found success. Scoring 21 points against All In proved to be the difference in the game where he was able to also control the tempo. McNeal uses his strength and speed to his advantage which made him very successful during the opening session of the GNBA. 
Cole Certa - 2024 (Il Irish Elite) - Cole Certa does many things well but what he does best is shoot the long ball. Certa was able to connect on 5 three point baskets on Saturday night in a 64-30 victory of Yanders Law. Certa shoots from the perimeter very well but compliments this ability with his instincts and basketball IQ. It is obvious Certa knows how to play basketball through his crafty, smart play. Il Irish Elite has a very well rounded team that plays very hard each game, they will be a tough team to beat this spring. 

Clevon Easton - 2023 (WI Premier) - For a 12 year old Clevon Easton has tremendous size and strength which he matches with athleticism and explosion to his advantage. The Wisconsin Premier 12U left Homestead High School with a 2-0 record on the day and Easton contributed 13 points in a 52-19 victory over All In followed by 19 points in a 52-44 overtime win over Closed Gyms. Easton finishes around the rim very well and when he is able to attack the rim with explosiveness he becomes very difficult to stop.

Zavier Zens - 2023 (Closed Gyms) - There have been many great shooting performances this weekend but one player who shot the ball tremendously well was Zavier Zens of Closed Gyms 12U. Zens had 5 points in a 47-12 blowout victory to begin the GNBA on Saturday morning, but it was his performance in his second game which stood out. Zens shot lights out in a very good overtime battle with Wi Premier, shooting 9 three pointers and making 5 of them and finishing with 17 points. Zens has proved he can knock shots down from all over the floor

Aaron Womack - 2023 (Ray Allen Select) - After being down for most of the beginning of the game Aaron Womack of Ray Allen Select took the game into his own hands in the second half. Womack was held to no points in the first half against Il Central Elite but after coming back out after halftime he caught fire. Womack netted 16 points in a very short period of time including 4 three pointers to give his team the lead. Il Central Elite responded with trying to face guard Womack for the rest of the game in which Ray Allen was victorious 50-45. Womack is a very well rounded player who can score at all levels. Womack has tremendous length and his upside is through the roof.