Session 2 of the annual NY2LA Sports Generation Next Basketball Association middle school platform tipped in Wisconsin on Friday and a talented group of 6th and 7th graders made their presence felt.  Here’s a quick look at those who stood out during the first night of action…

Note – Note listed in any particular order

Michael McNabb - 2024 (Chapman BA Black) - Chapman BA Black got off to a winning start in session 2 of the GNBA on Friday night after a 59-53 victory over Quad City Elite. A top player in this game from Chapman BA was the Michael McNabb who finished with a game high 11 points. McNabb is a very smooth lefty that is able to do a little bit of everything. The versatility that McNabb is shows is very impressive for the 13U standout. Throughout the game McNabb showed his ability to play virtually any position on the floor. He can handle the ball and can score on any level. He has a nice perimeter shot and also can finish around the rim. McNabb is clearly a top prospect at the 13U level. 

Nick Taylor- 2024 (All In Athletics) - A player who boosted his play coming in to the second session was Nick Taylor of All in Athletics. Taylor always is on the attack whether it is related to scoring, rebounding or defense. His Hustle and effort was something that stood out yesterday as well. Taylor had 14 points in a win over Mac Irvin Fire, all of which were in the lane as he constantly attacked the rim. Taylor does a very nice job using his size and frame to create mismatches and then finishes the play with his ability to make shots through contact. 

Steven Clark - 2024 (WI Blizzard Nordgaard) - In the first few minutes of play the WI Blizzard Nordgaard team found themselves down 10-9 to Ray Allen Select. After a timeout the Blizzard turned up their defensive pressure and busted the game open with a huge run to end up winning the game 44-10. The WI Blizzard team is very well balanced on both offense and defense. Every time a substitution is made they do not miss a beat. Although they are a very balanced team a top performance was recorded by Steven Clark. Clark is a crafty guard who has a very complete game. Some strengths of Clark that stood out in their victory yesterday was his ability to be a playmaker for his team. With great vision and passing skills which are paired with scoring ability Clark has proven to be a top prospect in the 13U division. 

Leavale Hicks - 2024 (Team Getshook) - As soon as Team Getshook took the floor Leavale Hicks was looking to score the ball. He started off the game with 5 points in the opening 2 minutes and ended up contributing 12 points in a 56-36 victory over the Wisconsin Swing. On Team Getshook Hicks’ ability to be active on defense and score in transition fits perfectly. Hicks is always hustling and getting down the floor to score easy baskets. There is rarely a time when Hicks is in the game where he does not use his speed to beat everyone down the floor. 

Rocco Pagliocca - 2025 (Il Central Elite Blue)
- Rocco Pagliocca came out firing on Friday night to begin the second session of the GNBA. Pagliocca and the Il Central Elite Blue team got out to a hot start against Team Takeover and a large part of the success could be attached to the hot shooting of Rocco. Despite losing the lead late in the second half and dropping the opening game in a 51-49 decision Pagliocca was able to show his strengths on the floor. Perimeter shooting is what draws attention to Rocco Pagliocca. He is able to hit shots from almost anywhere on the floor. Every shot he shoots has a high percentage of finding the bottom of the net. To complement his shooting he is a great decision maker and showed great instincts. Pagliocca finished with 24 points, which included 5 three point shots and shot 9 of 12 from the field. 

Agape Keys Jr. - 2025 (Team Takeover) - Team Takeover was able to defeat Il Central Elite Blue 51-49 in a very good back and forth game. A clear standout for Team Takeover was Agape Keys Jr who finished with 20 points, thanks to the 5 three pointers he was able to connect on. Keys Jr. is an outstanding shooter than can change a game very quickly. There are a few other ways that Agape Keys Jr. changes the game for Team Takeover. One major difference maker in the game along with Keys Jr.’s shooting was his ability to get deflections and be active on defense. When using his quickness and length, Keys Jr. creates chaos on the defensive end for his team. Agape Keys Jr. has tremendous upside and continues to improve his skills. 

Jeremiah Johnson - 2025 (Ray Allen Select) - In a 52-20 victory over the Hoopstars Jeremiah Johnson had a dominant performance. Johnson is very quick and long which caused problems on Friday night. When Ray Allen Select is in transition you can count on Johnson to be hustling to fill the lanes and either score the ball or make the right pass to his teammate. Another way Johnson is able to use his quickness is with dribble penetration. Johnson is very good when he makes a move and blows by his defender to either finish with a floater or around the rim. Johnson scored 14 points on 6 field goals, 2 of them three pointers. 

Clevon Easton Jr. - 2025 (WI Premier) - There is no doubt that Clevon Easton Jr. is a matchup nightmare for whoever he plays. Easton Jr. has been blessed with many physical attributes and skills that separates his play from his opponents. Standing at 6 foot 2 Easton Jr. usually has at least 2-3 inches over everyone on the floor and he is able to use this to his advantage. Although he is the tallest player on the floor that does not mean that he is a one dimensional post player. Easton Jr. has great ball handling and playmaking abilities. He is able to get to the rim and will, is active on the boards and finishes almost everything around the rim. Clevon has so many skills and abilities that will continue to be a problem for every team that plays him.