Session 2 of the 2019 Generation Next Basketball Association hit the hardwood in Wisconsin earlier this month and a handful of highly talented up and coming middle school prospects performed very well.  Here’s a quick look at those that stood out on day 3 during the second session…

Cal Klesmit - 2023 (WI Blizzard Vande)
- It usually takes a few minutes for teams to wake up and get going during the 8 AM game on Sunday but that was not the case for the WI Blizzard Vande Team. In a matchup with Chapman Basketball the WI Blizzard won by 20 points and Cal Klesmit was a big reason for the team’s success. Klesmit scored 13 points and showed his ability to change the game on both ends of the floor. On the 2-2-1 Press that the Blizzard ran Klesmit pressured the guards of the opposition which caused many steals and rushed decisions. On offense Klesmit was best when he was in transition and when he could get into the lane to score baskets. Klesmit is a smart player who has a good motor and never stops attacking. 

John Kinziger - 2023 (WI Phenoms Blue) - The Milwaukee Rebels had no answer for John Kinziger on Sunday morning. Kinziger was constantly active on both sides of the floor. His active hands and quick feet challenged the Rebels to get into their offense or get clean looks off. Kinziger recorded many steals which led to fast break points for the Phenoms. As the primary guard in the offense Kinziger does everything. His vision incorporated with his passing abilities lead to many assists for Kinziger and points for his teammates. Although Kinziger is a tremendous passer and ball handler he can also score the ball at a high level as well. Kinziger can get to the hoop and finish or shoot the long ball, he does a great job of taking what the defense gives him. WI Phenoms were victorious 59-23 and Kinziger had 15 points to go along with many assists. 

Martell Wilson - 2023 (Wisconsin Phenoms Orange) - Martell Wilson was unstoppable on Sunday for Wisconsin Phenoms Orange. The 14U guard was able to create shots for himself and his teammates for the majority of the game against Yanders Law. Getting into the lane was no problem for Wilson and once he was in the paint good things happened. Between scoring or creating for others Wilson’s play led to buckets.  Wilson showed great speed and strength with the basketball in his hands which led to 13 points in a double digit victory. 

Nas Beamon - 2024 (Team Takeover)
- When Nas Beamon gets going it is very hard for him to be stopped. Beamon plays on another level than the other players at the 13U level. His combination of size, skill and athleticism is too much when Beamon is locked in. When Beamon wants to he causes lots of problems on defense as well. He has the capability to get steals and block shots. Beamon scores at will when he attacks the basket, he is able to make one move and blow by his defender to finish. Scoring is definitely what Beamon’s calling card as he finishes acrobatic layups, jump shots and basically everything else he puts up.  Team Takeover was victorious on Sunday against the WI Blizzard and Beamon scored 23 points, including 2 three pointers. 

Nashuan Brown - 2024 (Mac Irvin Fire) - Mac Irvin Fire began the game on a 17-3 run and did not look back. Nashuan Brown played exceptionally well in the victory. Brown used his strength and height to enforce his will in the paint. Brown was able to scoop up rebounds and finish around the basket to help his team build their lead. Brown is always in the right spot at the right time. He finds ways to impact the game outside of scoring as well. Brown sets giant screens to open up his teammates and also runs the floor very well for a big man. Brown’s performance was impressive, scoring 11 points on 6 shots.

Jake Hansen - 2024 (Ray Allen Select) - The entire Ray Allen Select team played very well today but a specific player standout was Jake Hansen. The majority of the game Ray Allen found themselves shooting wide open shot as a result of being patient and running their offense. There were not many baskets that were not a result of running through their offense or getting fast break points. At halftime they had created a double digit lead and did not give it up. Hansen was phenomenal in this game shooting very well from the perimeter, knocking down 3 three point shots and finishing with 13 points. 

Ross Hinek - 2025 (Team Takeover Elite)
- There was no answer for Ross Hinek and Team Takeover Elite in their matchup with Man Up. Team Takeover Elite built up a lead early and never looked back. The top performance in the game was recorded by Ross Hinek. Hinkek showed his athletic abilities by skying for rebounds and finishing shots around the rim, scoring 12 points and grabbing many rebound. Hinek is always active on the boards and is constantly finding ways to score around the basket. Team Takeover Elite was able to defeat Man Up 51-27. 

Derek Bishop - 2025 (Kessel Heat) - After finding themselves down 10 points early in the second half Derek Bishop began to take the game over. Bishop went on a 5-0 scoring run by himself and then helped his teammates by dishing out 2 assists. After tying the game up at halftime Kessel Heat came out in the second half firing on all cylinders. Bishop was the one to get Kessel Heat back into the game and his scoring efforts proved to be the difference in a close game with Il Central Elite. Whether it was attacking the rim, finishing through contact or hitting jump shots Bishops found a way to score. Bishop also was able to use his length to create deflections and turnovers as well as rebound the ball throughout the game. Kessel Heat defeated Il Central Elite 54 to 41 and Bishop scored 31 points including 4 three pointers. 

Jeremiah Fears - 2025 (Mac Irvin Fire) - The point guard from Mac Irvin Fire is absolutely Fearless. Jeremiah Fears does not care who is standing in front of him he is going to attack his opponent on offense and defense. Fears is always on the ball whether he is defending, handling the ball or rebounding. Fears is a very tough, quick guard that is great at changing the tempo of the game to benefit him and his team. Being the point guard he controls the ball and does not turn it over. He found success attacking the rim on Saturday and was able to get to the free throw line often. Fears was a fantastic playmaker on Sunday scoring 14 points and creating many assist opportunities for his teammates in a 46-34 victory over the Hoopstars.