The annual Generation Next Basketball Association Championships presented by NY2LA Sports wrapped up earlier this month and once again a number of quality middle school prospects shined bright on the hardwood throughout the weekend.  Here’s a quick look at more that stood out on day 2…

Prentice Young - 2023 (WI Phenoms Blue)
- The entire GNBA season Prentice Young has been a difficult challenge to stop for opposing teams, the GNBA championships have been no different. In a matchup with All In Athletics Young netted 19 first half points and finished with 22 in a lopsided victory. Young continues to develop into a dangerous scorer and all around basketball player. Young uses his length and athletic ability to impact the game. He is a great playmaker, showing the ability to attack the rim, pass the ball and score the ball in a variety of ways makes Young one of the top prospects in the GNBA. 

Jacob Dunham - 2023 (Ray Allen Select) - A player who continues to have breakout performances at the GNBA championships is Jacob Dunham of Ray Allen Select. Dunham is an extremely intelligent player who understands his strengths on the floor. The combination of Dunham’s basketball IQ and hustle makes him very fun player to watch. Dunham finds success in being able to rebound the basketball and score open baskets. Dunham rarely takes a bad shot and is a strong finisher in the paint. Dunham combined for 25 points in two victories for Ray Allen Select. 

Javonte Taylor - 2023 (Mac Irvin Fire) - One of the most dominating performances of the weekend thus far was recorded by the 14U Mac Irvin Fire squad. The Fire continued to win games by a large margin, including a 91-33 victory on Saturday. A player who stood out in this victory was Javonte Taylor. Taylor has plenty of natural abilities and is equipped with a long 6 foot 7 frame. His athletic ability is unparalleled to other players on the floor as he continued to pound multiple dunks and brought defensive pressure that created many steals and blocked shots. Taylor also showed his ability to stretch the floor with a perimeter jump shot. Taylor is a unique talent of size and skill that is and will be a top prospect in years to come. 

Savion Cain - 2023 (Howard Pulley) - In a tight contest with the Milwaukee Rebels, Savion Caine and Howard Pulley was able to squeak out a 40-38 victory. Caine is a very good shooter and his ability was on display this weekend in multiple contests. He is able score the ball quickly and efficiently. Caine is also a good athlete who is a more than capable defender when he wants to be. Caine scored in double digits on Saturday and has continued his strong play at the GNBA championships. 

Brock Harding - 2023 (Quad City Elite) - Once Brock Harding of Quad City Elite sees the ball go through the net, his confidence grows at a rapid pace. Harding is a player who can get hot in a hurry and change a game within a few minutes because of his ability to score the ball. He is a very talented shooter off of the dribble and if he is left open he knocks down a high percentage of his shots. To compliment his shooting he can also handle the ball very well and get to the basket with a variety of dribble moves. Harding had 25 points in an overtime victory over Ray Allen Select.

Narkelle Wilson - 2024 (Mac Irvin Fire) - The 13U Mac Irvin Fire team has played extremely well this weekend and a standout from their solid play on Saturday was Narkelle Wilson. Wilson is a very tough player who brings energy and intensity to the floor every time he takes it. Wilson can be tagged as a hustle player who changes the game with his ability to defend. Although Wilson is a very good defender when he is using his quickness and ball handling capabilities he is also tough to stop on offense. Wilson finished a 55-17 victory over the WI Blizzard with 9 points. 

Sean Brown - 2024 (Team Ten Jabari Parker) - Sean Brown of Team Ten Jabari Parker is a player who’s game is fueled by energy and effort. Brown is a very skilled player who is aggressive on both sides of the floor. Brown changes the game in many ways but a major way is through his ability to cause issues for opponents on defense and then turn it into offensive in transition. Being an athletic and quick guard Brown uses his skills to get to the basket and score in transition consistently. 

Elizah Mimis - 2024 (Team Takeover) - An outstanding player from Saturday based off of his performance was Elizah Mimis of Team Takeover. Mimis is constantly active on the offensive end. If he has the ball he tries to beat his defender to the rim and if he is playing off the ball he tries to find holes in the defense to get a shot up or get positioning to grab a rebound. In transition Mimis is explosive and overall has an understanding of his strengths and weaknesses and plays to his strengths. In a matchup with Quad City Elite Mimis poured in 18 points. 

Connor Koch - 2024 (Illinois Irish Elite) - Connor Koch of Illinois Irish Elite is a skilled prospect to keep an eye on. Koch is a tall, athletic player who uses his length and size to his advantage. Koch is smart and limits his mistakes to a minimum. He is able to score in the paint at will and is capable of stretching the floor with his jump shot. Koch is very tough on defense as well. He constantly changes opponents shots and rebounds everything in his area. Koch finished a 53-45 victory against the Playmakers with 12 points. 

Michael McNabb - 2024 (Chapman Basketball Black) - Michael McNabb has continued his impressive spring into the GNBA Championships. McNabb has continually gotten better since the spring began and does not appear to be slowing down at all. McNabb’s smooth lefty shot has been deadly from deep and when combined with his ability to finish around the rim. McNabb is strong ball handler and is crafty with his ability to score. He led his team in a victory over Team Ten Jabari Parker by scoring 15 points. 

Ewell Clinton Jr. - 2025 (Mac Irvin Fire)
- Many players are noticed because of their highlight plays or their ability to score a bunch of points. However with Ewell Clinton Jr, it is his ability to change the game in a variety of ways. Clinton Jr. does not always lead the team in points but his play is a large reason for their success. He changes the game in so many ways, Clinton Jr. rebounds extremely well and takes pride in getting stops on defense. Clinton Jr. brings intensity to the defensive side of the ball and is a big inside presence for his team. On the offensive side of things Clinton Jr. continues to show his ability to score as well. He finishes well inside the lane and can stretch the floor with his jump shots. In two lopsided victories over Closed Gyms and All In Clinton Jr. combined to score 22 points. 

Isaiah Mellock - 2025 (Closed Gyms) - There are not many players in the GNBA who are capable of playing as hard or as fast as Isaiah Mellock of Closed Gyms 12U. Mellock is an energetic guard who does everything full blast. He is fearless in going to the basket and does everything on the floor well. Mellock is extremely quick and uses this to blow by defenders and beat players down the floor in transition. In a very good game with Mac Irvin Fire, Mellock scored 24 points. 

Julian DeFrantz - 2025 (All In Athletics) - All In Athletics had some success Saturday and a player who contributed a lot to the success was Julian DeFrantz. DeFrantz has the capability of changing his speeds at different times during the game which makes him extremely hard to defend. He does a lot of things well which include passing, finishing around the rim and attacking. DeFrantz scored 17 points in a 61-50 victory over the WI Blizzard. 

Damajay Richardson - 2025 (Mac Irvin Fire) - Damajay Richardson of Mac Irvin Fire was a matchup problem all day on Saturday at the GNBA Championships. Due to his ability to handle the ball and make difficult moves in the lane while attacking, Richardson could not be stopped. After giving up a lead to Closed Gyms Richardson took over the game, getting to the rim at will and finishing through traffic. Richardson is always looking to attack and when he gets downhill he is almost impossible to stop. In the 64-56 victory over Closed Gyms Richardson had 33 points.