The opening session of the GNBA the Spring Extravaganza featured a very talented group of team and prospects. Here's a look at the top guard performers from session one of the GNBA.

Jalen Bounds 6'1 SG, INB Elite 
Few prospects are able to produce at the level Jalen Bounds did during Spring Extravaganza the opening session of the GNBA. Bounds put up some major numbers scoring 20 plus points in three of the four games played in session one.  Bounds moves well without the ball, thrives at finding open spaces to pull up from deep in transition and can finish at the rim in traffic. As far as scoring guards go, Bounds set the bar high in session one.

Sharod Barnes 6'3 CG, Bates Fundamentals
Barnes played at a high level during Spring Extravaganza helping lead Bates Fundamentals to a 4-0 record in the opening session. Barnes possesses a great combination of size, athleticism and ball skills. He is able to be a primary ball handler, play off the ball and he thrives at attacking in transition and slashing to the rim on the wing. Barnes is big guard that will go end to end if not stopped and he turns defense to offense often.

Elijah Griffin 5'8 PG World Hoops Elite
One of the most exciting guard prospects in the 14U league, Elijah Griffin has the "Juice" and all the game to back it up. Griffin showcased some special moments with his passing, he is also able to create off of the dribble for himself and others at high level. With rage beyond the three point line, Griffin was a threat to score from anywhere putting up the production to prove so scoring in double figures in each including two 25 plus point games.  One of the top performers from session one, Griffin is one to watch this spring in the GNBA.

Derrick Collins 5'10 PG, 94 Feet
One of the most complete lead guard performers, Derrick Collins played at a high level at the Spring Extravaganza. 94 Feet went 4-0 in session one in large part due to the game play of Collins playing under control and creating easy opportunities for his teammates. Collins possesses great playmaking instincts, he’s crafty, competitive and knows when to push the pace of the game as well as when to slow it down.

Myles Herro 6'0 PG, Team Herro
Myles Herro played at high level during Spring Extravaganza helping lead Team Herro to a 3-1 in the opening session. Few prospects put up the production from the deep that Herro did making multiple shots from beyond the arc in each game including a game making six in a single game. Herro can run the offense and he moves well without the ball and is fearless at taking shots from three.