While this 13U group is just finishing up the seventh grade, there was still plenty of talent in the field. With teams in the group from across the Midwest, there was tons of competition at the 13U level.

Bryce Austin – 2027 – PG – Gallo Sports

Austin is a quick point guard that played well on both ends of the floor. He has good moves with the ball and was often getting into the paint to finish as well as facilitate it. A crafty finisher around the paint that scored it well on the attack. He also was a very tough pressure defender that forces turnovers well with his quick hands and feet. 

Blake Basich – 2027 – G – Closed Gyms

A smart guard that knows how to play that both scored and distributed the ball effectively. Not only does he move well with the ball and have good handle, but he is also a skilled passer that sees the floor well. He scored it effectively attacking the basket as well as spotting up from three. 

Tyson Busch – 2027 – G – 24Up

The highly versatile guard showed the ability to do a bit of everything for his team. He can run the point and get into the paint, be a tough perimeter defender, passes it well, rebounds well from the guard position and more. He plays with good energy on both ends and was constantly contributing for his team. 

Cayden Crudup – 2027 – F – Meanstreets

Crudup is a tough and highly versatile forward with good size that contributed in numerous ways throughout the tournament. Not only did he score it effectively around the basket on dump offs and put backs, but he can also step out and hit the three. As well to his scoring, he is a tough versatile defender that can match up with nearly anyone. 

Cole Gilvydis – 2027 – PG – Team GRIII    

Not only is Gilvydis a skilled point guard, but also shot the ball well from the outside. He has a smooth jumper spotting up from the outside hitting them at a high percentage. He is also a high IQ playmaker with the ball in his hands. He sees the floor well and is a good decision maker that can really facilitate the basketball. 

Miller Haedt – 2027 – PG – Martin Brothers

Even at a young age, Haedt shows advanced point guard skills to help his team win the 13U championship. He is a high IQ player that is strong with the ball in his hands. Haedt was often getting into the defense to create for himself and teammates. He finished it well around the paint as well to hitting pullups in the mid-range.  Haedt continuously showed off good court awareness and decision making always knowing where to go with the ball. 

Reece Jordan – 2027 – G – NESYB

A highly impactful guard that plays well on both ends of the floor. An energetic defender with some quickness that pressures the ball well, forcing turnovers and disrupting opposing offenses often. On the other end, Jordan was his best as a spot up shooter with a great jumper from the outside but can also handle the ball and facilitate it. 

Trey Resch – 2027 – G – Chapman Basketball

Resch is a point guard with a very advanced skill set as well as good feel. He has good handle and moves exceptionally well with the ball to create his own shot as well as get into the paint. He shot the ball well from the outside in addition to showing a good crafty ability to finish around the paint. He is also an unselfish guard that is a willing passer who reads the floor well.