Not only was the top performers group standing out but there was plenty of others at the 11U level of the Grassroots Championships. Here are several others that stood with their play. 

Rhys Cook – 2030 – PG – 24Up

The point guard had one of the biggest moments of the weekend coming up with a driving basket in the final seconds to send his team into the 11U platinum semifinals. More than just that, Cook came up with the steal on the ensuing possession to seal the victory. Even while playing up a level and being one of the smaller players in the field, he can still make a big impact. He has great quickness with good handle to get all over the floor with the ball creating for himself and his teammates. 

Adrian Czekaj – 2029 – C – Kessel Heat

Czekaj was one of the better paint scorers at his level of the tournament. While not the tallest he has good length as well to nice post moves, ran the floor hard, and soft touch to score at a high rate but also passed it well out of double teams. This included scoring a game winning basket in the final seconds in a thrilling game on Saturday morning to send his team into the quarterfinals of the platinum bracket. He was also a big factor in the defensive paint with his aggressiveness contesting shots and stopping drivers. 

Zach Newman – 2029 – F/C – All In Athletics

While Newman has good size and strength at his age there is much more to his game. While he did show a good ability playing in the paint on both ends, he also showed some perimeter skills. Newman was able to hit some three during the tournament as well to being able to put the ball on the floor. 

Lucas Ortega – 2029 – G/F – 24Up

The 2029 wing really stood out with high energy play in a game of his on Saturday making his prescience felt every minute he was on the floor. Not only did he score 11 point but did a bit of everything. It was effective as a part of his team’s full court pressure as well as being a very active in the half court. He did the bulk of his scoring around the paint but also shot that he can step out and knock down the three. 

Caleb Porter – 2029 – PG – Louisville Legends

An effective point guard on both ends of the floor who impressed over the course of multiple games. He is quick with the ball in his hands and has good handle to often be getting by his man and into the paint. He scored it with a nice floater finishing right over defenders inside as well as getting all the way to the bucket. With his speed and energy, he was also a key piece of his team’s defensive pressure. 

Drew Schnurman – 2029 – G – All In Athletics

A highly active guard that was doing a bit of everything to make big impact for his team on both ends. A tough defender who really works to lock up his man as well to hitting the glass hard. Offensively, he was at his best attacking the basket but also hit some threes during the tournament. He moves well with the ball attacking and was finishing it at a high rate around the paint. 

Alex Tanny – 2029 – C – Martin Brothers

When it mattered most, Tanny stepped up as was one of three leading scorers for his team all with 10 points apiece in a winning effort in the championship game. He scored it all around the paint and showed some good ability to play with his back to the basket. Much more than his scoring in the game, the posts interior defense was key against one of the top big men at 11U level. 

Lucas TeWinkel – 2029 – G – Team Herro

TeWinkel showed a nice all-around game over the course of tournament but stood out with perimeter shooter. He has a smooth jumper with a good shot selection to knock down his jumpers at a high percentage. The young guard also showed a good ability to make plays off the dribble with good handle and is a smart passer.