The 13U group at the GNBA Championships was truly a special one. There was just so many great performances over the entire tournament. He are the players that shined the most having remarkable performances. 

Oliver Belot – 2027 – G – Chapman Basketball Gold

Belot has had plenty of big scoring games for himself this spring and he continued that to help his team win the 13U gold championship. On Sunday he brought his best game scoring 20 points in the quarterfinals and then 16 in the title game. He showed the ability to be a knockdown shooter from the outside but also scored it well attacking the basket Sunday. The guard was playing with good physicality playing through contact to get to the basket and finish at a high rate. 

Quentin Burrell – 2027 – PF – Powerhouse Sports

An incredibly aggressive and powerful forward that was unstoppable for long stretches. One of the top rebounders at the 13U level getting good position for himself and was just bigger and stronger than the competition.  Defensively he can shut down the interior blocking and altering shots in bunches covering a lot of ground moving well all around the paint. With his physical tools he did the bulk of his scoring around the bucket going right through defenders to finish. 

Jayce Cook – 2027 – G – 24Up

One of the more skilled and efficient scorers of the entire tournament who was consistently putting up big numbers. Not only does Cook score it very well going to the basket but is also very effective from the outside. He has good moves off the dribble and sees the driving lanes to quickly hit them and get all the way to the basket where he finishes well with contact. The guard also hit plenty of threes throughout the weekend. He has advanced skills and feel for someone with still another year left in middle school. 

Stevie Hall – 2027 – G – The Family

Hall has consistently played at a high level for the entirety of the spring on the GNBA. Not only does he already have some size in the backcourt at 5’11” but an advanced skill set and knows how to play to be able to do so much on the floor. He had some big scoring games including a 23-point performance as he plays extremely well off the dribble but can also knock down shots from the outside. He has the versatility to run the point but also the size to defend anyone or score strong inside. While he is still at a very young age, Hall has the chance to be a special player. 

Miller Haedt – 2027 – PG – Martin Brothers

The point guard has only continued to grow his game tournament after tournament this spring culminating with a stellar performance in the championship game scoring 21 points in the win. In the game he knocked down four threes as well as finishing all-around the paint on the attack. Much more than just a scorer however, he has advanced point guard skills at his age and excels running the point with his vision, handle, and passing that have impressed all spring. 

Reece Jordan Jr. – 2027 – G/F – NESYB

Jordan had one of the top games of the entire tournament with a 29-point performance in the platinum semifinals Sunday. He has a smooth jumper from the outside where he did the bulk of his damage hitting five threes in that one game. When overplayed he can also beat defenders off the dribble and is a good cutter. A smart wing that doesn’t force anything and plays his role so well. 

Jamier Montgomery – 2027 – PG – Meanstreets

A dynamic playmaking point guard that is so tough to defend off the dribble. With his quickness and moves plus his ability to get all the way to the basket or hit shots off the dribble in the mid-range, he was constantly producing. More than just a scorer Montgomery attacks the driving lanes well getting into the paint to distribute the ball.   

Trey Resch – 2027 – G – Chapman Basketball Gold Elite

Resch has consistently shown that he is one of the more skilled guards on the GNBA. A quality scorer that can really knock down shots from all over. He came up clutch in the platinum bracket semifinals scoring 18 points in an overtime victory that included some vital shots in the last couple of minutes. Much more than just a scorer he is a complete guard that can run the point as well to having a good ability to defend opposing guards.