While he is still a year out from being in high school, Tref Rademaker is a dominant back to the basket big man out of Wisconsin. Throughout the year on the Generation Next Basketball Association, Rademaker was one of the top big men all spring and summer. Following that in September, he was named MVP of the Generation Next All-Star Camp. 

Not only does he have great size for his age standing at 6’5” already but there is a lot to like about his game. He is a dominant force inside scoring the basketball posting up or facing up. Not only with his height but strength he can finish right over and through defenders at a high rate finishing everything with good touch. As well, the post can hit jump shots in the mid-range and from three as he continues to expand his shooting range. Unlike many young big men, Rademaker is agile moving very well for his size to be able to defend out on the perimeter. 

Rademaker will be a very intriguing prospect to watch as he moves onto high school next year and beyond to see how much taller he gets and how his game  continues to develop.