One part was just not enough for the top performers with the long list of talent at the 14U level. Here are several more players that greatly impressed over the weekend. 

Max Jones – 2027 – G/F – 24Up

There are few players at the 8th grade level that have Jones blend of strength, height at 6’3” and skill set. Jones has a nice ability to handle the ball, pass it, rebound, and defend multiple positions effectively. He is incredibly tough to defend when playing downhill fighting through contact on his way to the basket and finish in plenty of traffic. Jones has the ability to impact a game in so many ways including scoring the ball effectively all tournament long. In one of the best games of the tournament during the 14U playoffs, Jones scored 22-points over a very good Bounce Elite team in overtime victory sending them into the quarterfinals. 

Dion Lane – 2027 – G – Powerhouse Sports

Lane was one of the better two-way guards at the 2027 level. Offensively, he plays very well on the attack but can also knock down outside shots. He has good handle and moves getting into the defense with a good ability to read the floor and create for himself and teammates passing well on the attack. Defensively, a tough on ball defender with his length and quickness. 

Mike Rogers – 2027 – PG – Chapman Basketball Academy

One of the more skilled point guards of the tournament having multiple big games on route to helping CBA make it all the way to the title game. He shined most in the semifinals with a 19-point game in addition to distributing it effectively. He reads the floor very well and maneuvers with the ball often getting into the paint making plays. A gifted finisher all around the paint as well as pulling up in the mid-range. 

Duke Ross – 2027 – SF – LVL Elite

While Ross greatly impressed at the Generation Next Tip-Off back in November, he was even better this tournament. He has some size on the wings at 6’0” plus plenty of length to go along with a good versatile skill set. He has a good ability to play inside, make plays off the dribble and hit shots from the outside. In his first game of the tournament, he had a big performance with a 24-point game. 

Hayden Schroeder – 2027 – F – M14 Hoops

One of the more skilled forwards of the entire tournament who had one of the best games of the tournament on Friday night with a 25-point performance. Even as a 6’4” 8th grader, Schroeder has a good skill set and ability to play out on the perimeter with the ball, hit shots, and pass it. Though he can also take over a game inside posting up and also threw down a transition dunk. 

Jude Siikarla – 2027 – F – Pro Lane

The play of Siikarla was a big reason why Pro Lane was able to capture the 14U Gold Championship. He is a lengthy forward with good size and mobility. He scores the ball well down around the paint but can also handle the ball and play on the perimeter. Siikarla scored the ball so well inside, he has good moves posting up and finishes at a high rate around the basket. 

Will Verkuilen – 2027 – PG – Grind Elite

The point guard is a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. With his handle and burst of quickness, Verkuilen plays so well getting into the paint but with his moves is also able to create separation and hit shots off the dribble from deep. A quick decision maker that reads the floor well and while a skilled scorer, really looks to distribute it as well. 

Timothy West – 2027 – G – Team Herro

The game of West continues to take great strides as there so many different aspects to like from his play. A fluid athlete with advanced skills and plays so well with the ball in his hands. He is at his best playing on the attack moving so well with the ball getting all the way into the paint, smooth pulling up in the mid-range, and distribute it out. He had one of the top games of the tournament with a 29-point performance but is also a tough on ball defender. A special talent with a highly advanced game that will be one to track as he moves onto the high school ranks.