While still a couple years out from starting high school, Ben Pritzl has already proven so much over the past year. This started with a big year while playing with the Wisconsin Swing and continued more recently to the NY2LA Generation Next All-Star Camp this fall. 

Throughout his spring season with the Wisconsin Swing, Pritzl continued to show more and more on the floor. By the end of the Generation Next Basketball Association season, Pritzl was one of the top players at the 12U level. He had a standout performance at the Generation Next Invitational tournament in May and by June at the GNBA Championships was playing even better to help his Swing team reach the championship game amongst an incredibly strong field. 

While his game took great strides during the spring, it has it has progressed even more in recent months. Not only was Pritzl the co-MVP of the Generation Next All-Star Camp at the 2029 level, but he was simply dominant throughout the entire event. At his age, he has a very advanced and versatile game to be unstoppable up against fellow middle schoolers which he proved in both of his games at the camp. While he scores the ball in bunches, especially while playing on the attack, Pritzl is also a true stat stuffer who can affect the game in numerous ways. Defensively, he proved to be able to shut down the paint blocking shots in bunches, he also showed the ability to defend any position on the court.

If Pritzl is able to continue this upward trend of his game, he will be sure a player to track as he heads towards the high school level over the next couple of years.